Copenhagen based File Under Pop specializes in creative surface design. The company directed by Josephine Akvama Hoffmeyer transforms rooms by clothing walls, floors and ceilings with handmade tiles from clay and
lava stone, hand painted wallpaper and exclusive paint. All products are processed entirely by hand, combining antique craftsmanship with modern technology, resulting in characteristic and unique surfaces with a striking finish.
Texture and colors lay at the heart of File Under Pop. The company’s collection of tiles consists of 25 motifs and 44 solid colors in three different finishes – Matt, Shiny and Shiny Crystal. The File Under Pop collection of paint ranges 64 beautiful colors. It is created in collaboration with the paint experts of Jotun Denmark – a leading producer of quality paint for more than 85 years.
File Under Pop lava stone is extracted from the active volcano Mount Etna on Sicilly at a depth of 20-30 metres, where the stone has been compacted for 2-3000 years. The lava stone is then glazed, decorated by hand and transformed to ceramic by hours of oven-firing creating a highly durable tile and unique surface showcasing the natural beauty of the material.
File Under Pop clay comes from a family-owned production not far from the city of Valencia, where all clay tiles are crafted entirely by hand. Silk screening and hand printing techniques are used to create patterns and motifs that give each tile a highly tactile surface.
Furthermore, File Under Pop offers bespoke solutions within the field of space design spanning from entire architectural and interior based projects to bespoke table tops crafted from lava stone. The company’s collections also count vases, sinks and a selection of hand-painted wallpaper crafted using paint and copper-, silver-, white gold- and 23 carat gold leaf to create one piece wallpapers that lend a room character and personality.
The company has a poetic approach to the creation of space and surface design, drawing from Akvama Hoffmeyers background in music, File Under Pop plays with moods and contrasts in relation to color and finish. ... More ... less

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