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Finstral is an Italian company that in its over 50 years history has been specializing in the production and marketing of different kinds of window profiles including, windows, glass doors, entry doors and verandas. Each one of Finstral products is manufactured in one of the company 14 production facilities and custom-made, shaped upon the customer’s needs and with materials that are able to ensure extraordinary insulation and comfort, next to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Finstral takes its customers from product advising, right through the manufacturing and installation of a window or any other desired product. Each window, glass window, verandas or entry door has an insulating core part in PVC, a characteristic that is common to all products by this company. Finstral was founded in Auna di Sotto, in the Bolzano area. In few years it turned into one of the main producers of window profiles in Europe. Although it is still nowadays a family-run business, with values that resonate with quality and sustainability, Finstral has acquired a volume that has led the company to count fourteen production plants, just like the countries it is present and renowned in, thanks to the collaboration with around 1.400 employees. The company dimensions are a guarantee to its customers, who will always get a product made with the highest quality standards, delivered on time and duly installed.

Finstral: custom-made windows, entry doors and verandas

No doubt that windows are the flagship of Finstral production. Their primary advantage is the capability to fit in seamlessly within any context, almost disappearing, but always standing out for their great performances. Fin-slide Classic-line in aluminum and PVC is a discreet design window with sliding doors, which are handy and resistant. Its metallic color makes it perfect to fit in modern environments, while the sliding doors are elegant and beautiful. It is possible to have double or triple glazing, depending on the thermal and sound insulation requirements of the customer. Finstral is not only synonym to PVC and aluminum but also to wood. The Fin-Ligna line is thought for those who think that wood is the only possible complement for the indoor of their house. This collection combines the warmth of wood with the insulation of its nucleon in PVC and aluminum for a perfect protection against cold and bad weather conditions. Easy to clean, it can come in different colors and with extremely narrow profiles. For those who seek out elegance and a classic taste, Fin-Ligna Slim line is the window that best meets all expectations. And when a window is not enough, there is Fin-Project Nova Line Twin, with its built-in Venetian blinds or pleated curtain. Completely insulated thanks to the PVC and the glue glass, this window is also an eco-friendly product, thanks to the part made of ForRes, a material deriving from a mixture between recycled PVC and rice husks, for a tactile finish and an excellent performance.

The design and performances of products by Finstral

There are some key moments in the manufacturing of a product by Finstral, which make each piece a unique and special one. In the first place the Research and Development division centers its work on each single composing part, from the project design to the PVC mixture up to the glass insulation. Each solution is studied to be performing and of design. The profiles are directly extruded in-house so to be always able to ensure top forms, colors and materials and proceed with the special embossing and glazing which are typical of Finstral. The production does not exhaust with profiles, but goes further with insulation glasses (single, double or triple-glazed); tempered and extra-safe, they are continuously and rigorously checked to make sure that the right requirements of insulation and stability are met. Finstral windows are always perfect, since the bars are cut to size both for the door and the frame, while the door and the glass are glued to become one piece. It is only after accurate quality checks that the product is ready to be delivered right to the customer’s doorstep, where it is installed and checked. The installation is certified by the prestigious Institut für Fenstertechnik Rosenheim (IFT) that grants its certification only to top-level companies. However the best guarantee Finstral can offer to its customers is the 100% Italian supply chain, that goes from project development to the after-sale, with an assistance that is granted even after installation. ... More ... less

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