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Fintek is quite a young company, that was set up in the Republic of San Marino in 1995.
It operates mainly in the air conditioning field and succeeds in producing and selling air conditioners all over Italy through its many agencies.
Fintek focuses its attention on the accessories and specializes in the distribution of electrostatic filters for split system conditioners.
The ever-increasing attention paid by customers to the quality of the products and to health concerns have led Fintek to widen its range of electrostatic filters reaching a great number of options which are suitable for nearly all the brands in the air-conditioning market.
The company's constant research and development has given us the possibility to add many other products to our catalogue, such as the "Sanifil" filters for fan-coils - treated with our antibacterial AEMINA, highly efficient against Legionella bacteria, the "Sanicleaner" sanitizer and "Combicleaner" detergent respectively ideal for a high antibacterial treatment and a deep cleaning of air conditioners.
Moreover Fintek has a line of universal remote control devices for split systems, as well as universal PC boards for air conditioners and hoods for external units.
Our new addition is Windy, an innovative air conditioner without outdoor unit. Its inverter, DC brushes, technology and just one coaxial hole are all made in Italy. ... More ... less

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