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Founded in 1957 under the name Fir Rubinetterie, Fir Italia is a brand steeped in history and has been synonymous with design and high quality for over 60 years. From day one, our propensity for technological and aesthetic innovation in the bathroom and kitchen taps sector has indelibly shaped the company’s soul. Over the years, Fir Italia has gained extensive experience, growing together with the evolution of people's tastes and needs, understanding them and analysing the changes needed to cater to them in the design stage.

Our constant commitment to the pursuit of perfection and superior quality, driven by our desire to imagine the future, has contributed to affirming Fir Italia as a unique company for its ability to innovate, create revolutionary design concepts and introduce technological innovations: a company that has never stopped paying extraordinary attention to the minutest and often ”invisible” details of true quality.

Fir Italia products are differentiated by a wide range of solutions, materials and available finishings, which can be adapted and customised to meet different needs, whatever they may be. All of our collections are strictly Made in Italy and water-saving, aimed at responsible use of the most important resource on our planet: water.

This maniacal obsession for perfection in our choice of materials, in technological progress and in our study of details, has also become the most distinctive and differentiating characteristic of the brand, summed up by the tagline Obsessive Design Engineering. Today Fir Italia is a historic brand par excellence in the taps industry; a symbol of the ability to create innovation for the future thanks to the wealth of experience gained in the past. ... More ... less

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