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The Italian company Flexform, headquartered in Brianza, is internationally acknowledged for its high-quality furnishings for private homes, offices and public areas. The story of Flexform begins in the early years of the 20th century, when the Galimberti family started a small business focused on manufacturing upholstered handmade furniture. The company, however, was founded in 1959 by the Galimberti brothers as a local enterprise. In the mid-sixties Flexform started employing methods of industrial production. At that time a collaboration with Joe Colombo resulted in a product which later would become part of the permanent collection of the New Yorker MoMa, the famous armchair Tube. During the 1970s the company established itself on the European and North American market. In the next twenty years success continued and reached also the Asian market. Despite constant growth and international request Flexform products are still 100% made in Italy. The company's general catalogue comprises sofas and armchairs, beds, tables and chairs and much more. All these products breath a timeless atmosphere. Flexform is proud of a long line of thriving collaborations with some of the best known Italian Designers, first and foremost with Antonio Citterio who also coordinates the complete Flexform collection for forty years now. Flexform products are available from fourteen exclusive flagship stores and 100 authorized retailers in over 70 countries. ... More ... less