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Floor Gres is a brand of the Florim Group, founded in 1962 by Eng. Giovanni Lucchese in Sassuolo, the heart of the ceramics production district. Production under the Floor Gres trademark started in 1967 with the production of white-body single-fired products, for the first time in Italy. In 1981 the company was among the first in the world to produce porcelain stoneware, thanks to constant investment in research and development of new products. Today the group, which includes as many as 6 brands in addition to Floor Gres, owns several production centers, commercial companies, logistics centers and exhibition spaces all over the world, and boasts numerous awards and recognitions for performance and design. Specifically, Floor Gres is the brand dedicated to the world of architecture and construction, with particular attention to the contract and industrial sectors. Coverings for walls and floors characterized by high technical performance and essential design make up the Floor Gres catalogue. The company's products are made of fine porcelain stoneware, declined in large format slabs and characterized by colors and textures inspired by natural materials. All Floor Gres products are Made in Florim, a guarantee of excellence, quality and technological innovation.

Porcelain stoneware coatings with high technical performance

The Floor Gres catalogue includes a range of porcelain stoneware coatings with high technical performance, available in a variety of formats and finishes. The Magnum Oversize range offers very large plates, up to 160cm x 320cm, and with a thickness of only 6mm, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The slabs can be cut in any shape and size, and are suitable for laying both on the floor and on the wall. The Buildtech collection represents the basic range, able to offer solutions all round, thanks to the variety of sizes and thicknesses, and the offer of modules such as strips, wall modules and mosaics. Available colors range from 12 shades for cement-effect surfaces to 10 intense Colour variants for ceramic-effect surfaces. The Flowtech collection is inspired by metal surfaces coated by time and wear, for environments with an industrial mood, and is available in three finishes: aged bronze, burnished and Russet. The Industrial collection is a real program that offers a choice of neutral and linear surfaces in a wide range of colors, decors, modular sizes, finishes and thicknesses. The slabs of the Industrial collection are suitable for countless applications, from external walls and facades to indoor and outdoor flooring and wall coverings and decorations. The Rawtech collection is inspired by the surfaces of raw cement, experienced and worn out by the time, where imperfections give a strong aesthetic connotation. Available colors are 4, from the sought-after Raw-white to the rustic Raw-mud to the most neutral Raw-dust and Raw-coal. The Stontech collection re-proposes natural stone surfaces, ranging from the timeless refinement of polished marbles to the sober elegance of stone in natural or canneté finishes, a workmanship that gives the surface an irregular texture. Marble is also the protagonist of the B&W Marble collection, inspired by the characteristic veins of marble, available in a rigorous palette limited to black and white.

Floor Gres solutions for façades and complex applications

The Floor Gres catalogue offers various solutions for complex applications such as street furniture, public and sports facilities, industrial environments, including ventilated façades and raised floors. The Tech#2 modular system provides an innovative solution for flooring green areas, swimming pools, terraces, floors. The slabs, in sizes 60x60 and 40x120, have a thickness of 2 cm and are made of 70% recycled materials. Tech#2 is extremely resistant and provides for two types of laying: self-laying on surfaces such as grass, gravel and cement screed, or raised with support on fixed or mobile feet. The Walks/1.0 collection, which reproduces split quartzite, is ideal for high traffic places such as hotel lobbies, train stations, airports, public facilities, while the non-slip properties make it suitable for swimming pools and wellness centers. The two thicknesses make it possible to lay both traditional and self-laying on grass or gravel. Walks/1.0 is available in 4 colors, white, beige, gray and black, and in two finishes: natural, matt, and soft, flexible and satin, polished but not reflective. In addition to medium size slabs, decorative inserts in staggered and mosaic strips are available. Some Floor Gres collections find a natural application to ventilated façades, thanks to their thermo-insulating properties, lightness, thin thickness, easy installation and maintenance of the slabs. Moreover, Floor Gres porcelain stoneware guarantees resistance and durability combined with a very high aesthetic performance. ... More ... less

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