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For over 60 years Florim has been playing a key role in the scenario of ceramics production, making of innovation and environmental responsibility its pillars; thanks to that it has experienced an unstopped ascent over the most recent decades, while nurturing a passion for beauty and its unlimited aesthetic manifestations. Techniques and creativity go hand in hand with a wisely balanced mixture of material research and ideal development. How? Florim puts all its efforts in finding row materials in the Sassuolo (near Modena) ceramic district under the experienced leadership of Claudio Lucchese, whose professionalism and competence are renowned on the markets across the world.
Made in Florim is a company Made in Italy which final product embodies endless possibilities of application. Aware of the speed at which the contemporary taste changes, the tricolor company puts no boundary to the development of ideas that match (or anticipate) interior design fashions. What makes it possible to concretely achieve such a complex objective? Florim golden rule is one: the use and profound knowledge of ceramics. A material that uncover the intrinsic human capability of transforming a sand grain into a final product made of patience and research, creativity and passion. Florim is extremely conscious about the necessity to find the ideal nexus between the creative energy of its designers and the explanatory and functional power of the latest technologies, allowing to finish the product to be marketed to the tiniest detail.
Porcelain stoneware slabs, for instance, are the conjunction point between customers’ requests and the company production. A design element able to adjust to any client’s project needs and that ensures a great material performance over time and a powerful affection addition to the environment where it is applied. The Florim Group has no fear for competitors and has quickly expanded its selling network to Europe, America and Asia distributing the Floor Gres, Rex, Cerim, Casa dolce casa - Casamood, FLORIM stone, CEDIT – Ceramiche d’Italia brands, anywhere.

Florim: Made in Italy ceramics for flooring and cladding

Florim figures speak out loud. 1.409 employees around the world and a turnover of over 408 millions of euro in 2018. The company is solid and secure, able to guarantee only by its name an indisputable quality which is strictly bound to the raw material employed. How is it possible to give a shape to such a complex, versatile and refined taste? The Made in Italy ceramics can forge spaces which are appealing to the eye where art finds a full practical application through a sensible use of finished products. But there is more. What makes Florim exceptional is in the first place its unique technical assistance service. From the feasibility study to the final installation, the expert team succeeds in following its commercial partners at each step till the project is finalized. Secondly, the company operates with a sustainability mindset which is firmly connected to the enhancement of the raw material used. Florim responsibility unfolds across three spheres: economic, social and environmental. Acting responsibly is the first step for Florim to effectively safeguard the land where it operates every day, in the respect of nature and of its employees who make efforts to achieve aesthetic and technical innovations. An example? REX – Artistic ceramics is a luxury design project in which the elegance of Rubelli’s tapestry is reinterpreted through the creation of ceramic slabs of a high quality, in perfect harmony with the structural needs of each project. The balance between trait and color allows to shape environments that suit both the living and night area, without overlooking the cozy atmosphere cast on the bathroom through a thoroughly balanced fusion of glamour and sensuality. Rex facilitates a dialogue among different materials, always finding the manner to emphasize the space and the function it has for the person. Moreover, this series takes on a full practical application thanks to the chromatic variations of material structures 10mm thick with soft or glossy finishes. Furthermore, the Magnum Oversize formats favor an architectonic language with the large surfaces, the real protagonists of the Rex proposition.

Florim Oversize Magnum, big formats for the indoor and the façade

Florim Oversize Magnum aims to create roughly 6mm thick ceramic slabs through different material inspirations. This concept has already seduced many enthusiasts and professionals around the world and has received a mention of honor by the Compasso D’Oro ADI in 2016. Light and versatile, the slabs are available in different sizes to suit either flooring or cladding. On top of that, the remarkable resistance to stresses makes that, while being easy to cut in any shape and dimension, this material keeps the physical strength of marble and ceramics unmodified. Perfect for buildings outdoor cladding, Florim Oversize Magnum withstand wear, water and weather that may impact the surface. The slabs keep unaltered the glow of the chosen color and face the material modifications of ceramic thanks to special industrial treatments that are conceived upon one of the of only 6 mm total thickness. A minute work that has done nothing, but leading the tricolor brand towards fame and notoriety.
Florim Oversize Magnum goes even further. The slabs are ideal for covering indoor support surfaces, for tables, washbasin countertops, fireplaces and covering surfaces. The company catalog follows just one rule and that is versatility. Being able to cut and modify the material outcome according to the customer’s needs means relying on a team of experts who are available to let the project grow together with its owners’ expectations. The same objective is pursued by Florim Stone. The collection offers a stoneware porcelain kitchen countertop conceived to match any need. Also in this case Florim tiles come in the large size format (over 320x160 cm) and three possible levels of thickness 6,12 (strengthened with a glass fiber) and 20 mm. Perfect for washbasins, bathrooms, doors and furnishing, they are made with top-notch materials and finished through an industrial process in a large diversity of color gradations.

Florim: services for the customer and support to the project

How many times have you been able to rely on the assistance of a producer who could delve into all the phases of a project implementation? Florim Solutions is a unique opportunity to create a professional, ideal and practical connection with the proposal of this Made in Italy company, specialized in the production of furnishing tiles and ceramics. No matter whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor solution, or if you wish to shape a unique and unusual atmosphere of interior design; Florim is able to offer the customer the assistance that any commercial speaker truly needs. In addition, Florim4Business is the online platform dedicated to the customers, suppliers and selling agents who want to speed up each phase of the collaboration and communication with the company team.
In its multiple applications, Florim creates a tangible value for the person who makes use of its environments and outdoor solutions. Of a peculiar interest are the new collections launched at the 2019 Cersaie. A combination of technical functionality and the unmistakable design Made in Italy. The outcome is especially innovative and particularly as far as the Floor Gres BuildTech/2.0 is concerned; here the wide projects array generates a winning duo composed by the neutrality of concrete and the aesthetic power of the saturated working process which belongs to architecture. A world where past and present, tradition and technological innovation find their full enhancement. Florim is a guarantee of trustworthiness and respect for the environment! ... More ... less

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