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Storage units and ideas to organize the space

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Storage units are flexible and versatile solutions that help keep everything in order, yet preserving the aesthetics of a space. Modern storage furniture combine innovative shapes, materials and technology. Caruso Cabinet is the sideboard designed by Paolo Cappello for Miniforms inspired by the gramophone. A vintage object with a modern twist: a bluetooth connection, that provides a multi sensorial experience. From sound to lighting with MOONY, the highboard designed by Toyo Ito for Casamania&Horm. As you turn on Moony┬┤s interior lightning, the circular methacrylate inserts shine bright, reproducing the different moon phases, and creating a poem of shadows suitable for any environment. Movement and suspension for Atipico: the Hutch collection puts the spotlight on the tray. Available in multiple levels, with disk or rectangular-shaped boards, all the trays and frames can be interchanged regardless of the finish, so as to create a personalised tray system with a contemporary, versatile feel.
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