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Former was born in the 60’s in Brianza, the northern area of Italy known worldwide as the “Furniture District”, the beating heart of ‘Made in Italy’.
This territory with extensive understanding of materials and a long history of furniture manufacturing houses the best handmade workshops which have met the greatest masters of Italian Design. The history of Former fits into this historical context.
In 1925 Fumagalli family opened its own furniture workshop dedicated to skilful woodwork.
In 40 years the business has grown, the family’s efforts and commitment were both rewarded and in 1971 Former became a company recognized worldwide for the manufacturing of high quality furniture.


Former produces furniture systems for day area and night area designed for containing, organising and separating spaces with fluency, contributing to the architectural definition of living areas able to change and grow up together with us. Wardrobes, walk-in closets, equipped panel systems, bookcases and a wide selection of furniture for day and night areas: an offer in continuous improvement and constant evolution of style.
Former products are developed for people who are looking for a high value lifestyle and versatility, those who want to stand out looking for unique pieces.
A world of refinement, design history and fascination for timeless products. The summary of Former style: Luxury. Modernity. High quality of raw materials and technological innovation.


Renewal and research: key tools to make sense to contemporary lifestyle. Key player of an entrepreneurial adventure in continuous evolution, the company has made the research of quality to its own mission, constantly renewing the proposals to better know the lifestyles and the most contemporary trends. In this context, we have embarked on a new path that talks about the collaboration and the synergy between two historical companies of Italian design: Former company of “systems” and Busnelli that for over 50 years has been engaged in the manufacturing of upholstered signed with the silver logo.
Together we are working on a project of Furniture Design that will create a full collection of products, made of complementary elements adding value to each other in synergy. With the new artistic direction we have started a shared process of renewal and research with the aim to deliver to the market a contemporary, elegant and sophisticated look, involving young and ambitious talents in our creative team.


Former products are made to last.
An Italian story, a story based on values and achievements, in a country in which products are conceived, designed, created an d manufactured according to the knowledge of skilled masters who pass down their culture, passion and values to future generations. A production site where everything is manufactured locally.
Every single product is made in Italy, everything is Made in Brianza. ... More ... less





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