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In an era of ever-increasing noise pollution, Framery produces soundproof workstations and office spaces. Rediscovering the value of silence so that people can work more effectively is one of the Finnish company's primary goals. If a better environment stimulates productivity, Framery believes that better productivity can lead to happiness. And happiness is one of the company's key leitmotifs. Framery soundproof office booths create a human-scale work environment where people can express their abilities to the fullest. The professional context becomes a vehicle for personal growth and a primary means for a business to achieve superior market performance.

Framery soundproof office islands

Framery projects are the result of years of careful research and planning. The company produces office islands, soundproof cabins, and modules for the work environment. Numerous international awards have been obtained by Framery products, which are sold in over 60 countries worldwide. Among the brand's original creations is Framery O, a space characterized by its complete acoustic insulation. Designed for making phone calls and holding videoconferences in total privacy, it features a body in plywood, felt, and coated foam. Framery is also well-aware of those social and recreational moments in the workplace. To this end, the company created products like Framery Q. Available in three versions with different characteristics and uses, Framery Q can accommodate small groups of two to four people. The stools and comfortable sofas make it possible to relax in an acoustically isolated setting. Framery 2Q, on the other hand, is designed for larger meetings and gatherings. The sheltered and soundproofed space can be equipped with conference tables and furniture. There is also room for televisions and sockets, and wheelchair access is facilitated. The internal structure is characteristic of the Finnish company's products in felt, plywood, and coated foam.

Removing noise to work better: the Framery mission statement

Framery's story began in Tampere, a small town in southern Finland, in a typical crowded and noisy office. The idea of offering soundproof structures for the workplace was born when the founders realized that the noise was unbearable. In a short time, the first soundproof phone booth was designed; it was technically and aesthetically primitive but full of potential. Framery began to satisfy one of the needs that companies were never fully aware of: Silence. The leading players on the market, from Microsoft to Deloitte, began to appreciate the soundproof booths. Soon Framery realized that its partners' needs did not stop at noise removal. By eliminating noise and clatter, Framery's soundproof booths let its customers work more effectively. And by working better, people are happier and can become even more successful. Framery's mission goes beyond merely removing noise and disturbances. The company's office islands and soundproof pods are conceived as tools for achieving happiness in the workplace. As a result, Framery has chosen to operate without any hierarchical organization. Decisions regarding the company's future are made in total transparency, involving the entire workforce. Thanks to the unique Framery's Decision App, employees can check in on every decision-making process. In this way, every worker can influence the company's future. The same values hold for the soundproof products on the market; they are not mere structures but vehicles for a new concept of work. Framery not only sells office islands but creates real tools to increase people's desire to work more effectively. ... More ... less

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