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A piece of seating Furniture is a place of calm, a place to feel good – and also a place where people gather and come together. In short, it's a favourite place. The whole brand philosophy of FREIFRAU MANUFAKTUR is dedicated to cultivating this special feeling, the feeling of having arrived. It is about creating a favourite place that stays a fovourite. Which is why Freifrau produces seating furniture of only the very highest quality, pieces whose premium handiwork is visible and whose classic design is sure to outlast any and every trend.

Freifrau Sitzmöbelmanufaktur was founded in 2012 by Hansjörg Helweg in Lemgo, North-Rhine Westphalia. It has since established itself as one of Germany's premier manufacturers of luxury seating furniture on both a national and an international level. The products can be found everywhere, from homes to restaurants and hotels, shopd and showrooms, and even in public spaces. Wherever they are in the world, though, Freifrau pieces make people feel at home. ... More ... less
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