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The Dutch company FritsJurgens manufactures concealed hinges for interior and exterior pivot doors, with or without frames or mouldings. The systems are designed to work with numerous materials like solid or veneer wood, steel, (framed) glass, solid or antique doors. FritsJurgens pivot door hinges are ideal for commercial and residential applications and suitable for soundproof doors, fire doors, draught-proof doors, security doors, burglar-proof doors, in combination with waterproofing and windproofing profiles. FritsJurgens systems are built into the door rather than the floor, resulting in virtually invisible hinges significantly reducing the time and cost of installation. FritsJurgens systems make it possible to install pivot doors in new or existing spaces, even with underfloor heating. FritsJurgens systems are distributed worldwide through an imposing network of dealers and partners.

The pivot door as a design element

Today, doors are not only functional components but also influence interior space. They are increasingly used in interior design as striking design elements. Pivot doors merge design and aesthetics. Invisible when closed, they can have decisive spatial impacts when open. FritsJurgens hinges make it possible to design a door perfectly with the desired spatial expression in terms of function and user experience. Pivot doors are rotating walls. FritsJurgens Pivot Door Systems can rotate a wall to modify space, use and perception. FritsJurgens Pivot Door Systems create frameless openings with a clean and essential design, making frames, mouldings, handles, guides and stops superfluous. Both open and closed, the result is minimal, almost free from interfering lines. FritsJurgens mechanics ensure that even the largest and heaviest doors can rotate freely, giving the architect maximum design freedom. FritsJurgens has revolutionised the pivot door by integrating hinges into the top and bottom of the door, eliminating the need for complex floor installations. Only minimal ceiling and floor plates are visible, with all hinge systems fully integrated within the door.

FritsJurgens hinges for pivot doors

The FritsJurgens system is wholly integrated into the top and bottom of the door, resting on only two small exterior plates. This makes installing the pivot door extremely easy, avoiding any possible interference with an existing room configuration. The floor plate is fixed with 2 x 8 mm bushings and a barely visible ceiling plate. Doors of any size, with a weight of up to 500 kg, can easily be outfitted with a FritsJurgens pivot door system; they can be installed in existing buildings and new structures. Over the years, FritsJurgens has perfected the pivot door hinge. Additional functions have been integrated into FritsJurgens systems, like hydraulic opening damping, integrated closure systems, closure damping with adjustable speeds, soft-close. The swing door movement has been perfected so that a door can open or close with one simple motion.
FritsJurgens offers three different pivot door systems. System One is the most compact system and has the unique function of a pivot point. This is the perfect solution for doors with frames or jambs or doors that swing 360 degrees. Designed for doors that pivot on a central axis, System 3 has three functions: 360-degree rotation, assisted door opening and hold-open positions with the hinge that allows the door to make a full rotation and stop at every 90°. The installation of pivot doors or walls gives rooms great flexibility of use. Completely different configurations become possible with a simple movement. System M has perfected the design of the pivot door, guaranteeing perfect movement for any type of pivot door. System M further refines pivot door design allowing complete control of the door movement. Ideal for doors and walls that pivot on a lateral axis, the hinge has integrated door closers, 90° stop positions on both sides of the opening, hydraulic opening damping and adjustable closure damping, as well as soft-close. ... More ... less

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