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FritsJurgens believes in the timeless beauty of hidden perfection.This in the broadest sense. The systems of FritsJurgens are invisibly present. Its performance is unrivaled. In the Netherlands craftsmen at FritsJurgens work every day to build a product of the highest quality for bringing design to the next level. Invisibly present and made for life. FritsJurgens has acquired a worldwide position by solving the prevailing limitations around pivot doors. Pivot doors are used again because FritsJurgens has perfected the technique.

Aesthetic perfection

A pivot door makes an important contribution to architecture and aesthetics. No visible frame hinges, but an invisible vertical axis which allows the door to open both inwardly and outwardly. The pivot point is located at the top and bottom of the door. Pivot doors are invisible in its closed position, but can have a highly decisive spatial impact in its opened position.

Technique in the pivot door

Ten years ago FritsJurgens developed a new revolutionary principle. Until then, the technology was incorporated into the floor, which limited the application of pivot doors. FritsJurgens has moved the technique from the floor into the door; a very innovative solution that nowadays is more and more with regard to pivot doors. The possibilities are limitless. In terms of dimensions, weight and installation, there are virtually no restrictions to the design of your pivot door with the perfect pivot hinges of FritsJurgens.

Absolute controle

Over the years, FritsJurgens has perfected the movement of the pivot door. The movement of the pivot door is now optimal; the pivot door opens and closes in one fluent movement ... More ... less



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