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Fulgor was created in 1949 in Gallarate and focused at first on the production of cookers, of heaters and then of the most modern kitchens.
As a result of changes in the cooking methods and the new desires and needs of consumers, Fulgor was equipped with modern production machineries to expand abroad. The following decades were characterized by the arrival of built-in appliances with new finishes, also in glass. Pyrolytic ovens and dual flame burner are innovations that Fulgor exported all over the world in the 90s. With the new millennium, Meneghetti Spa, a solid and historic manufacturing company in Veneto, bought the brand and the history of Fulgor went on with the brand Fulgor Milano.
Meneghetti invested great resources in Fulgor Milano and the new collection was immediately positioned in the high-end design segment. With the introduction of the “lean production”, the company industrial processes experienced a complete transformation. In this way, operating process management results optimized and waste is systematically reduced.
Today, Fulgor Milano is a 100% Made in Italy excellence, a growing company with a global distribution in the most important international markets, thanks to its own flexibility and understanding of the different business dynamics. ... More ... less

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