For over forty years, G.T.DESIGN has been a pioneer in the contemporary rug sector with dozens of showrooms all over the world, confirming its international reach. Thanks to the creativity of its founder and art director, Deanna Comellini, a designer with a background in the arts, the company believes that the rug plays a crucial role in the home, a place that must express the personalities of the people who live there. G.T.DESIGN also believes that the rug is an element around which the entire domestic atmosphere revolves and that every rug represents an encounter between artisanship and culture. Textiles give life to light architecture, whose foundation lies in constant research on materials. Internationally renowned designer and founder, Deanna Comellini was trained in the Bolognese artistic milieu of the 1970s. She immediately began to use her creativity for various companies in that city. In 1977 she founded G.T.DESIGN, and, after her first investigations, she began to focus her attention on different cultural practices that led her to explore the concept of imperfection, natural materials, color, and form. This is how her idea of the rug as a fundamental component of interior space was born. She considers rugs to be the results of the encounter between the best materials and the most skillful techniques.

Artisanal rugs by G.T.DESIGN

G.T.DESIGN handmade rugs seek to exalt the imperfection of the object itself, starting from materials resulting from constant research and experimentation like linen, coconut, viscose, bamboo, pure wool, hemp, and silk. The product's final value and the link between production and material selection are clearly evident in all of its collections. Luoghi, inspired by surfaces worn down over time, is made with pure New Zealand wool, hand-woven on handmade looms, and painted in Italy, again strictly by hand. Seta comes in a palette of 4 colors of 100% pure silk, hand-woven, again on handmade looms. Coconutrug, on the other hand, comes from the finest coconut fiber to create a functional textile with a great feel. The product is made of high-quality coconut fiber, woven by hand, always on handmade looms; it is exceptional for use when it is necessary to place a filter between the room and the floor. Kama speaks to us of high-quality viscose. This avant-garde weave has reinvented the vision of the contemporary rug that can capture light and release it along its fibers. Brilliant and soft to the touch, Kama comes in a palette of solid colors. Many other collections are available with a wide range of choices that allow clients to explore a variety of different materials.

Rugs that create welcoming and comfortable atmospheres

The common areas of residential buildings should create familiar, immediately welcoming atmospheres as true extensions of private space. The role of the rug is increasingly important to emphasize the comfort and hospitality of those shared spaces. G.T.DESIGN combines modernity and craftsmanship to create luxurious custom products with a well-defined style that exalts the object's imperfection to determine its unique character. Production starts from natural materials and high-quality fibers, combined with the company’s competence in the history of culture and artisanship.
Among some of the more recent projects by the G.T.DESIGN group, one of the most notable is the design of the lounge and common spaces of the 505 residential skyscraper in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. In this project, G.T.DESIGN was able to determine, through its rugs, the style of the outdoor spaces where it was necessary to create a welcoming atmosphere with a luxurious and modern style. The entire floor surface is covered with Next, made to order by the company in the Meatpacking pattern created by a digital printing technique generating a patchwork of different shades of gray, brown, and blue. Other furnishings elements are referenced in the Next pattern; for example, the rug's geometry takes inspiration from the panels defining the space of the lounge area.

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