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Gaggenau, a relevant actor in the spreading of the Made in Germany design worldwide, a leading brand in the production of domestic appliances, owes its success to the significant technological progresses, the linear and neat design, to its unrivaled quality and functionality. The company foundation dates back to as far as 1683. It is a brand with a solid history behind, characterized by a profound respect for tradition, but in restless evolution. Over the years its products have been bestowed with numerous awards and acknowledgments, that have contributed to establishing ever new standards in the kitchen domain and have brought the kitchens for domestic use closer to professional kitchens. Gaggenau kitchens and appliances are meant for a high level target and offer domestic kitchen solutions that feature the same functions as a professional kitchen. Since 1995 the brand is also part of the BSH Bosh and Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH group.

The quality of Gaggenau domestic appliances

The quality of Gaggenau products can be summed up in its four founding values: authenticity, professionalism, essential design and functionality.
All appliances, from ovens to cooktops are authentic for they are made of not only a high quality materials, but also real, resistant and natural materials such as stainless steel, aluminum and glass. Authentic for the selection of pure, essential lines, which have no aim to look like something different from what they are; they do not mimic, or cheat, but rather step harmoniously into the environment and role for which they have been produced. The kitchen is one of the most important areas of a house. The largest part of our time at home is spent in the kitchen. This is why Gaggenau decides to furnish it with rigor, simplicity and a linear and pure design.
The typical blue Gaggenau enamel we find to coat the oven interiors has something of an ancient charm, almost a byword of the company; although it is renowned everywhere, it is barely known that the history of this enamel truly finds its roots back in the past. It dates back to the time when Gaggenau produced enameled advertising signs, what enabled the company to develop this special and unique competence. The enamel composition, made of glass particles, oxides and chemical additives which are grounded and mixed is still nowadays kept secret. The result is an enamel that is sprayed inside the oven, conferring it a glossy appearance, but especially allowing to automatically clean it even with the most persistent dirt, as a consequence of the chemical process called pyrolysis.

The history of Gaggenau brand

The name Gaggenau comes from a small German town on the edge of the Black Forest, where in 1683 the marquess Ludwig Wilhelm von Baden founded the forge Gaggenau with an aim to create a new source of living for the poor farmers of the Murg valley. Here nails and hammers were produced using the iron deposits of the valley. In 1873, when Michael Fluerscheim took over the foundry, the brand came into a new era of industrialization and started the production of farming machinery, metal tools and items.
The vocation for innovation was already clear at the end of the XIX century, when the facility was denominated “the Factory of news”. In that period started the production of enameled advertising signs for several companies among which Odol, a toothpaste producer, Maggi, still nowadays making bouillon cubes, Stollwerk a chocolate brand. The brilliant invention of the enamel used for such signs would be afterwards successfully used for the gas and carbon-fired stoves which production the company launched at the beginning of the XX century and that went later in parallel with the production of electric kitchens.
After the facility plants went nearly completely destroyed under the Second World War, there was a new rebirth with the manufacturing of low-consumption gas and coal ovens, followed by electric ovens and the first “Favorit” and “Futura” models. The passion for the kitchen and innovation led to the idea of modular kitchens, a totally innovative concept for that time; a custom-made kitchen that could be arranged as preferred, equipped with advanced appliances and featuring a timeless design. Another introduction of those years were the first built-in appliances. For the first time an oven was manufactured to be installed at an eye level, detached from the cooktop, together with ventilation appliances; products we are accustomed to, today, but that represented a total novelty at that time. ... More ... less

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