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GEDA adopt an approach to production that sets them apart as a hothouse of ideas, putting their name to bathroom and kitchen items featuring an original design and innovative functions. The craftsman-like attention to detail and potential of a modern industry make a happy marriage, giving rise to stylish and practical models at the cutting edge of technology.


Design for us means discovering beauty in everyday life. It’s the imagination that turns into the hand that shapes and transforms even the most functional objects a creative act. Our series of mixers, Wellness products and bathroom and kitchen accessories are born with the aim of combining aesthetics with high quality technology, Made in Italy and always attentive to the search for innovative solutions. We want to create unique and recognizable products but in which, at the same time, you can find yourself and be inspired. Your personality, the GEDA style.

Inspired by vintage machinery

From the birth of the brand, GEDA’s design has always stood out for its essential lines, whose main source of inspiration was the extreme minimalism of Oriental art, especially Japanese, and its education in form, gesture and movement. Since 2017, with the birth of Tibò, GEDA has begun to explore a new inspiration and one of the most sought-after trends in interior design: industrial style. An eclectic charm, which combines the philosophy of recovery born in the New York lofts after World War II, with the suggestions of the industrial revolution and its symbols: the machine, the gear. For a praise of contemporary and metropolitan technique.

Inspired by our roots

GEDA’S collections of bathroom and kitchen faucets and Wellness products are designed and manufactured in Italy. Our land, the Northeast. One of the most fruitful sources of inspiration. Its people, productive and tireless, who built an entrepreneurial spirit on craftsmanship know-how. The woods that regenerate after the storm. The chiaroscuros created by the touch of the brush on a fresco. The intertwining of the rivers that cross the plain. The sparkle of the sea against the light. Our roots, the land we love. What we are.


In the most recent years we have been undertaking a process of corporate transformation, adapting the production according to the principles of lean production and, more generally, of lean thinking. The objective is to improve production performance, optimizing working times and methods. Not only that, in line with the eco-friendly mission that has characterized the company since its creation, we have started a digitalization work to eliminate 100% paper documents, both in the production and commercial departments. Our production has maintained an inspiration of artisan matrix. Products are made according to each single order reference, with particular attention to detail and finishing, guaranteeing our customers a sartorial care. ... More ... less

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