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Founded in 1982, the Gervasoni Company designs, develops and manufactures furnishing solutions for the home, both indoor and outdoor, and for the contract sector. In the years from the birth of the Company to the present, marked by the three generations that have followed one another in the management, Gervasoni has always been characterized by attention to detail, use of natural materials, working with skill and aesthetic quality of the products. In addition, the company collaborates with highly qualified international designers, including Paola Navone, Marco Piva, Michael Sodeau and Jasper Startup. In 2009 Gervasoni followed the entrepreneurial vocation of the family with the acquisition of IFA Srl, a company specialized in the production of high-quality wooden chairs, and launched the Very Wood brand to meet the needs of the contract market.

Gervasoni: furnishings that combine natural elements and high technology

The company studies and creates collections that differ from each other for the peculiarity of their elements, designed for different environments of everyday life. The Ghost collection represents an unconventional textile project, combining comfortable and enveloping seating with upholstery; the Gervasoni family of upholstered furniture, with its sofas, armchairs, chairs, beds and poufs, is able to offer a look of great luxury in the simplicity of white linen. The Gervasoni Outdoor collection, on the other hand, is characterized by the different ways of imagining one's own outdoor living space; in this collection, exotic suggestions are mixed with elements of refined essentiality, given by materials of the latest generation, developed to resist atmospheric agents. Inside the collection we find garden chairs, tables, armchairs and garden armchairs, dormeuse, sofas, garden beds, characterized by comfortable and comfortable seats and a design with a strong personality. Thanks to the materials chosen, aluminum for stools and coffee tables, natural hand-woven rattan for armchairs, sofas and small sofas, service tables, the products of the InOut collection become an integral part of the environment in which they are placed. The More collection was born in 2018 to embrace the concept of relaxation. It is a modular system of upholstered furniture, able to offer infinite combinations thanks to the different modules: armchairs, sofas and small sofas, corner elements, poufs, dormeuse with generous dimensions. Gervasoni's eclecticism is also expressed in his lighting. An example of this are the pendant lamps and floor lamps such as Sweet 95, Bell 95, Bolla, Croco 95 and Croco 96, all in natural melange wicker or ebony dyed or matt white.

Gervasoni for the Contract sector: design for public spaces

Gervasoni is dedicated to contract solutions to meet the furnishing needs of public spaces, bars and restaurants. Within the Company's proposal to furnish collective spaces, products rich in tradition and contemporaneity are born, in which elegance, comfort and dynamism are wisely mixed. This is a challenge that Gervasoni welcomes with its know-how, the value of its quality and the eclecticism of its collections. The contract proposals include chairs, upholstered and complements characterized by extreme versatility, able to combine the functionality required by hotels, resorts, restaurants, offices, shops, reception areas with the warmth and prestige of living environments.

Within the contract proposals, we find the InOut 34 and InOut 33 tables of different sizes, with teak slatted top, ceramic feet with steel supporting structure, in which a crucial role is given by the massive blue or white or anthracite grey ceramic feet, on which the wooden top rests. The wide range of stools and chairs differs in the choice of materials, colors and shapes. Among the products offered is the Gray 24 wood chair, which recalls the austere elegance of 18th century furniture and the simplicity of Nordic lines. InOut 28 is a stool in cast aluminum, available in white, grey, sage, embossed octane and polished orange, while InOut 828 is a stool with a waterproof structure in painted tubular aluminum. Sweet 21 C is a chair with a walnut frame and woven brown leather seat, born from the eclectic spirit and the pleasure of mixing, which distinguish the Sweet collection.

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