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Glamora has created a new approach to design and living, interpreting wallpaper as a versatile means of expression, combining art and design, tailored craftsmanship, digital technology, natural sensations and innovative trends.
A young and vibrant Italian company, Glamora partners leading international designers such as Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas, Nigel Coates and Karim Rashid, working with renowned illustrators and emerging creative talent. The company is a veritable workshop of ideas, exploring diverse themes such as nature, art, vintage style and new technologies to breathe life into a collection of original, exciting and constantly evolving wallpapers.
Glamora wallpaper is designed and made in Italy with durable and environmentally friendly materials. The use of digital technologies and the modularity of the decorations enable the creation of personalised solutions to suit any space, including domestic environments, prestigious hotels, public buildings, offices and commercial areas.
Glamora’s quality and commitment to research has brought it recognition from many important design studios around the world. The GlamTec product received the “Innovation in Materials” award at the prestigious “Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Awards” in 2015.

Glamora wallpaper graphics are personalised to blend in perfectly with any space and match the colours of the floors, walls and furnishings.

Eschewing repetitive patterns, Glamora wallpapers are characterised by unique and customisable decorative graphics that transform any wall into a piece of interior design.

Graphic simulation software enables designers to preview all possible visual solutions before creating the final product. With the “Glamora Design Studio” app you can now design Glamora wallpaper directly on a tablet.

Glamora only uses materials with low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions and non-toxic ink, which are non-harmful to health and the environment.

Glamora wallpaper is simple and quick to hang and can be installed by our expert decorators. Removal is easy too and doesn’t require the use of water. ... More ... less




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