Green Furniture Concept

Malmo / Sweden

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Green Furniture Concept makes sustainable seating and acoustic lighting solutions for public indoor areas. Configurably winding, seamless seating and acoustic lighting from Green Furniture can be found in Keflavik Airport, Iceland, as well as Calgary International Airport, Canada. The furniture has also been installed in Belgium’s Rive Gauche Shopping Centre among others.
‘Seamless’ means room for more people when needed and the possibility of designing grand furniture configurations in scale with large spaces. Configurations that can take any creative formation, follow the lines of the building and lead the flow of people.
‘Acoustic Lighting’ means lighting designed to provide outstanding visual and acoustic spheres. ‘Sustainable’ is our story. Natural and upcycled materials crafted in an ecologically sound way – CSR you can see, CSR that serves a function. ... More ... less




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