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Gufram is an established Italian design brand founded in Turin in 1966. The brand offers an unconventional and desecrating style animated by aesthetic and conceptual tensions. Industrial production imposed by the international market merges with Made-in-Italy crafts values and a vision that is closer to art rather than design. Gufram creations have a radical chic soul that draws on markedly pop imagery manifested in several collections with unique and surprising forms. The company's artistic works – like the iconic Bocca sofa, the Pratone chaise longue and the Cactus coat stand – are exhibited in museums worldwide. Gufram targets the art design market for furnishing private spaces, offices, contract structures and public facilities.

The Gufram catalogue: design outside the box

The exuberance and flair of Gufram creatives are expressed in such collections as Iconical, Functional, TOILETPAPER and MOSCHINO KISSES GUFRAM. Gufram offers a wide range of home furnishings for living, sleeping and outdoor areas. GUFRAM sofas, armchairs, chaise longues, tables, chairs and benches break with classical aesthetics to achieve a sort of anti-style, rewriting the rules of taste by proposing bold, courageous and highly expressive works. Gufram offers original and never-predictable furnishing and decor accessories like sculptures and miniature collectables - ideal for characterising rooms in unconventional ways in a subtle balance between fashion and art. The brand has developed and patented a finish that represents the essence of the company's philosophy. Guflac® forms a "skin" for coating polyurethane foam objects to create uniform and elastic surfaces. The manufacturing process consists of an initial phase of surface preparation using precision technology for manipulating the polyurethane followed by a second saturation phase in which up to twelve coats of Guflac® are applied. As a result, the company produces articles that are different from one another, with total respect for Made-in-Italy artisanship. Among the items that best embody Gufram's artisan spirit are the irreverent The End stools, the original Torneraj chairs and Broken Mirror.

A history of art and non-conformism: Gufram yesterday and today in the world

The brand has reinvented itself over and over again In more than half a century on the market. Founded in 1966 in Turin, Gufram immediately broke with the ordinary with its deliberately brazen taste, absorbing radical design and pop style approaches. Gufram's recent history began in 2012 when the company was bought by Sandra Vezza, who moved the official headquarters to Barolo in the Langhe region. She gave the brand a new conceptual structure, thanks to which the company once again became a world leader. Gufram reconfigured its production, rediscovering its old products and inventing new ones. The company's products have earned a presence in some of the world's most prestigious museums - MOMA in New York, the Milan Triennale, the Centre George Pompidou in Paris, the MAAS - Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences in Sydney, NAMOC - The National Art Museum of China in Beijing, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, and many more. ... More ... less

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