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Serzedo / Portugal

Hatt is a Portuguese company that creates furnishings inspired by the minimalist classics of rational design while keeping transgenerational design in view, as well as technical studies and sustainable materials.
Hatt is an attitude! Searching for new ways of living, challenging users and their needs.
We explore the shapes that are familiar to us in products that merge in space, developing solutions that go beyond the ordinary, through an evolutionary, timeless and authentic design.

Our products reveal themselves in their versatility in a technological era and in the experience they establish with the user, in a continuous process of discovery. Functionality, movement and materials are the language we choose to achieve a new interaction.

The different daily interactions have increasingly blurred contours, sometimes overlapping...
Hatt believes that, accepting this new social and cultural construction, technology, leisure, work and comfort leading to a movement that aims to develop authentic products, reforming the design intervention. ... More ... less

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