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Heatsail is a Belgian design company that has redefined the luxury lighting, heating and cooling arena. Extending the ultimate outdoor experience for the contract and residential markets is one of its specialties. The company creates unique long lasting experiences because its products not only extends the finest moments of a beautiful day, but are also long lasting design objects that treasure those best moments. Established in 2012, Heatsail implemented its Belgian Craftsmanship in the fullest sense of the word, as a true way of life. It is about fully engaging its heads, hands and hearts in its work. These principles of engagement produce objects that are functional and beautiful, whilst also making for a sustainable lifestyle. Its DOME’s are real furniture pieces not only providing you with a warm glowing light, but also give you that extra bit of warmth on a chilly day or evening. Its BEEM products are unique solutions for open or covered areas. They provide a combination of lighting, heating and misting with lengths up to 5.2 meters. The GLOW collection are individual light with integrated heating. It is their most flexible collection, as you can hang them in trees, pergolas and covered patios. You can choose how many you would like to hang and play with the different lengths to create a different vibe. Providing needed shade is what their LEAF collection does best – supplying protection from the sun and rain, it heats, cools and enlights with undeniable style. The elegant LEAF-shaped design of this future-proof solution allows it to blend harmoniously into its surroundings. All Heatsail products create a sense of exclusivity in a relaxed and enjoyable outdoor environment. ... More ... less

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