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This Italian company designs and produces interior design and luxury furniture solutions consisting of classic and style furniture; This is an international brand that applies a modern style to the best furniture design traditions within Italy; The company consists of an ancient family of craftsmen above all of master ebonists who painstakingly and perfectly join the “natural” wood pieces in order to produce made-to-measure furniture re-proposing historical identity: this is our history, the history of Fratelli Basile Interiors.

The Basile furniture solutions range from the magnificence of the 18th century right up to those relating to vintage modern and contemporary minimal design; from projects which include luxury furnishings to the single furnishing item (furniture, complimentary items and accessories).
Since 2001, the Hebanon brand has represented both the super-luxury line of furniture as well as the interior design department that has launched the Basile style worldwide, regaining its deeply rooted history relating to the production of finely- crafted Italian furniture that dates back to the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.
We offer complete turnkey interior decorating solutions because we carry out research, design and produce furniture according to our clients’ needs:
The entire home: rooms and environments that narrate both the historical identity and personal style of home-living, in other words bedrooms, kitchen, lounge, living room and a modular study.
Unique items of furniture: period furnishing items that make each environment unique and refined, in other words, consoles, panelling, secretaires, four-poster beds and bureaus.
Furniture finishings: great attention is paid to technical details so as not to neglect anything relating to day-to-day living, or rather false ceilings, wood parquet flooring and doors which match the furnishings.
Complementary items and accessories: objects that illustrate painstaking attention to detail, or rather clocks, lamps, paintings, statues, woven tapestries and curtains.

Aesthetic well-being, functionality and artistic craftsmanship distinguish each complete turnkey interior decorating solution that is designed and produced with the aid of Fratelli Basile master ebonists and interior design experts.
Each furnishing element becomes a veritable masterpiece and represents a perfect synergy of design and excellent finely-crafted furniture.
All products possess the 100% Designed and Made in Italy certification.
Fratelli Basile Interiors assists its designers, architects and field experts in the preparation of turnkey interior design solutions.

Fratelli Basile projects:
- Bring the best out of the great tradition of Italian art and architecture.
- Are able to produce interior architecture work in any style whatsoever.
- Use noble and precious raw materials.
- Illustrate attention paid to technological product and process innovations.

Glean from the countless skills matured by five generations of enthusiasts of the art of cabinet-making.

In Fratelli Basile Interiors, we work in full compliance with both man and the environment, by using only products which are not toxic for human health, formaldehyde-free wood certified by forest-certification organisations and by recovering production scrap and using it as a complementary source of energy.
All products possess the 100% Designed and Made in Italy certification, they are branded and have both an identity number and a holographic label that guarantees the uniqueness and originality worldwide.
Since 2003, with a view to achieving constant improvement, we have been in possession of certification in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001 standards.
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