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With a love of quality design and solid furniture-making that spans over three generations, Hemonides Design Consultants launched its newest studio in 2008 with a single aim: to combine all our personal skill sets and channel our creativity into products and services that truly resonate with our style and preferred techniques. In today's currently challenging financial environment we endure by choosing to tune into the very basic human need to surround ourselves with elements that express who we are and how we chose to live our lives.
We focus on developing great furniture design ideas that can withstand the test of time and remain contemporary and relevant. Each item marked with our personal commitment to excellent structuring, ideal production workflow and a perfect end-result that will make us proud without ever compromising the quality of our materials. Indeed, it was not by chance that the Hemonides name became synonymous with eclectic one-off furniture. Our father honed his craft and built his reputation based on the fundamental values that he passed on to us: functionality, usability, quality and design. Today, we work closely with interior designers and architects and inject the very same values into each new project.
We aim to continue working in this focused manner as our passion for stylized furniture production is adamantly obvious in our results; and our stubbornly high standards, attention to detail and confidence is a promise we aim to keep for all present and future clients. ... More ... less

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