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HenryGlass  is an Italian company specializing in the production of furniture doors, partition systems, boiserie, walk-in wardrobes and tailor-made furnishing accessories. Its more than 30-year history of art, design and technology is rooted in glass processing, but the company's high flexibility and adaptability allow it to offer a wide range of wooden products as well.
The skilful revival of artisan techniques and continuous experimentation have codified a contemporary language thanks to which HenryGlass has become authentically different and recognisable in its sector.

HenryGlass: maximum customization for a fully tailor-made product

All HenryGlass’ products are made to measure to satisfy tastes, personality, needs and functionality. The customer is an active part of the design process, not only from a dimensional point of view, but also aesthetically. The wide choice of glass - clear, frosted, coloured or lacquered - can be further enhanced by exclusive, one-of-a-kind personalised decorations. Contemporary design accessories and finishes contribute to the realisation of harmonious projects, both public and private.

HenryGlass doors: technique and aesthetics in a wonderful balance

Glass, an ancient, noble and authentic material, is combined with the exclusivity of graphic design to literally project itself into the future. The sheets, perfectly uniform and with colours that do not change over time, become an expression of wide-ranging creativity: materials such as marble, stucco, fabrics, wallpaper and elegant textures are interpreted by HenryGlass and give life to a collection of unique doors.
The "Impressions" technique consists of a decorative colouring for highly customisable graphic or photographic representations with a strong aesthetic impact. It can be applied to laminated glass with a transparent or satin effect and is carried out through an exclusive technique that uses special coloured pigments. A modern, versatile and stimulating technique that makes glass distinctive, communicative, vivo, offering new possibilities of use for interior and architecture.

Glass and safety: exclusive performance

All HenryGlass glasses are certified according to UNI EN 12150 tempering regulation and UNI EN 14449 stratification regulation. The glasses have unique characteristics that distinguish HenryGlass products on the market:
Slabs with a total thickness of 10 mm tempered or 5+5 tempered and stratified, a thickness that guarantees the highest levels of strength.
Certified layering system with oversized film.
Internal lacquering (inalterability over time; cleaning; double-faced glass).
“Ceramized” satin finish (exclusive technique; easy to clean). ... More ... less

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