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We are used to rough weather in the north of Norway. We are used to the snow, rain and wind, but we are also blessed with the northern lights and the amazing midnight sun. This became the back-drop for our brand.
The married couple Sonja and Thoralf, was the perfect match for doing just this. Thoralf is the third generation in a large laundry family, and Sonja has always had a great passion for design an interior. Thoralf’s solid knowledge about mats goes back three generations. Combined with Sonja’s passion for interior and design, Heymat have rapidly established themselves as an important part of Norwegian homes and the design industry.

Our aim is to give every customer a high-quality product that they can cherish and enjoy for a long time. The mats are made from recycled materials that are easily and efficiently maintained. The design is developed in collaboration with some of Norway’s leading designers, whose timeless motifs also ensure visual longevity.
Heymat’s first collection was launched in 2016, and today our mats are available in Europe, America and in Asia. Valuing functionality, sustainability and contemporary design, our mission is to make your rooms a pleasure to come home to. ... More ... less

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