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Founded in Seoul, Korea in 1947, LG Group has grown to be a global leader in the chemical, electronics, telecom and service industries with annual sales of 104 billion $. LG produces a variety of products that are indispensable to people’s lives and have been developed with the utmost concern for the environment. LG Hausys is born from LG Chem’s spin-off on April 1, 2009. Employing more than 3’500 employees in the world, LG Hausys is split in 3 sections: Windows, Highly Functional Materials/Components and Interior Materials, to which HI-MACS® belongs. LG Hausys Europe is the regional headquarters of LG Hausys. The office was established 2002 in Geneva, Switzerland, and integrates European sales & marketing operations of HI-MACS®, which now operates from Frankfurt, Germany. The Solid Surface material is fabricated in Cheongju plant in Korea and in Atlanta’s plant in the USA. To learn more about LG Hausys, please visit www.lghausys.com ... More ... less



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