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Kempten (Allgäu) / Germany

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Fascinating and uncompromising products, accomplished by using materials of highest quality – this is what höfats stands for. Our way to imagine, develop and create products – our way to realize a distinctive and unique identity. We are always in search of the optimum, always forging ahead for a new future, and always with perfection down to the smallest detail – in order to turn a strong idea into an authentic höfats product.

höfats – a young company which strives upwards, as does its name giver. The Höfats, one of the most beautiful and many-sided mountains in the middle of the Allgäu Alps, not only serves as origin of the company’s name, but moreover describes – due to its multifaceted nature and fascinating appearance – the character and standards of höfats. Heads of the team are Christian and Thomas, both being engineers and designers in one. Due to the interrelation of these two specialties, the potential to develop and produce aesthetic and at the same time highly functional products is given.

We must admit to be somewhat proud that the world of designers loves our products. In the last year alone, höfats won twelve prizes, among them the most prestigious of the design branch: 2x Red Dot Design Award, 2x Design Plus, 3x IF Design Award, 2x German Design Award, 3x Focus Open – this almost feels like having a cool beer with a juicy flanksteak. Cheers. ... More ... less




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