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I Crolla Rubinetterie was founded in 1964 in Alzo di Pella, by the Orta Lake, that is a part of an historical industrial district of Italian taps manufacturing. Since the beginning, the founder Roberto Crolla developed a huge knowledge of his products, so that he managed to have all the skills in order to start offering better quality products on the market, by applying an industrial approach to his business. The industrial process has been optimized by the development of innovative processing since its first taps lines and the utilization of high quality brass. Alongside with the experience learned through the years, we managed to lower the waste and get to produce higher quality taps at competitive prices. Speaking of environmental safeguard, I Crolla Rubinetterie renewed itself through the years by getting to produce solutions for both water and energy saving. At present day, I Crolla supplies taps both to national and international customers, EU and extra EU.

I Crolla Rubinetterie: quality Made in Italy

Thanks to the deep knowledge of taps manufacturing, I Crolla Rubinetterie soon became a reference point for production and distribution of high quality taps and at present day, taps and mixers of “I Crolla” lines are designed and then manufactured in its 5000 sqm factory. I Crolla Rubinetterie also has the ownership of “Teckna Srl”, a turning factory that can count on 11 numerical control lathes. Right here in this factory the production process starts by the transformation of the brass bar and the making of the components of I Crolla taps and mixers. We supply many of the most important kitchen manufacturers both in Italy and abroad. We offer a wide range of products based on the different requests of our clients who ask us to customise our items or even to design a whole new product in order to satisfy their market demand. More and more often our customers need an OEM product so we define the target price together in a 360° cooperation between supplier and customer.

Bathroom and kitchen taps

I Crolla Rubinetterie always tried to offer on the market the largest range of products, both for bathroom and kitchen, always remaining faithful to its essential values: refinement, sense of taste and harmony. The concept of bathroom over the last few years has changed from a simple functional space to a place of wellbeing. Every detail is important and bathroom taps are a key element to add a sense of style to it. Our wide range of products reflects the trends of the moment with its 19 different lines. Over the past few years the kitchen concept has evolved into a variety of functions, lines and aestethics. People nowadays have a full knowledge of these aspects. So we have to offer them our most updated and wide range of products, in order to satisfy the specific requests of a market in constant evolution. I Crolla offers its customers also a shower programme, with many different components in order to satisfy every different project, from the most complex to the basic ones. The shower ambience offered by I Crolla creativity, offers our customers moments of total relax, thanks to its various functions solutions and a modern and eye-catching design. ... More ... less

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