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Ideal Work was established in the early ‘80s, just in the same days when Maurizio Pontello started as an installer of concrete floors, which brought him to work in the most important constructions sites in Italy. The company was born in 1997, when its founders Maurizio Pontello and Luca Seminati met and joined their competences to hit the challenge of introducing the concept of decorative concrete surfaces to the Italian market. In 2001, Vallà di Riese Pio X (in Treviso area) became the headquarter of Ideal Work. From this small town, they pursued the ambitious goal of bringing concrete to the world and art of decorative surfaces to cast the environment with a new idea of beauty, one that is practical to enjoy. Ideal Work adopts a unique approach to the market, based on collaborating and exchanging with its partners. Moreover, the company relies on a skilled network of floor installers specialized in the laying of its innovative products. This allows the company to fulfill each individual client’s need of space customization.

Indoor and outdoor floor installation by Ideal Work

Ideal Work is able to shape and set up the environment in line with its clients’ desire and offers exclusive solutions for tailor-made floors and covering. Among other proposals by Ideal Work there is LIXIO®+, a floor made of cement materials with a Venetian terrazzo effect, for the indoor and the outdoor. The sophisticate aesthetics and peculiar laying technique qualify Lixio®+, a product allowing to use fine marbles coming from anywhere and even local marbles. These characteristics come from the will to give local raw materials a new life, besides the aim of achieving a quality level that is sustainable and locally rooted while never giving up on a solution of a refined aesthetic and timeless charm. The choice of the grit size, color and possible combinations make Lixio®+ a unique product, fully custom-made, a wise fusion between ancient traditions and modernity. Lixio®+ is the natural evolution of Lixio, the emblem of the eternal elegance and classicism that are at the foundation of the great Venetian flooring tradition, with their cement base and top quality marble aggregates which are mixed in a variety of colors and finishes. Suitable for both classic and modern houses and apt to be used in a host of contexts, Lixio can be used in internal as well as in external spaces, with a polished, anti-slip brushed or bush hammered finish. Microttoping®, on the other hand, is the ideal solution for renovating an old floor without removing it and to create a continuous, innovative flooring with a material effect. Microttoping® can make any space unique by creating a variety of effects, decorative inserts and surface finishing translating into extraordinarily elegant finishes, resistant to wear and climate exposure, the guarantee of a perfect performance. Nuvolato Architop® is the cement-base flooring solution by Ideal Work able to maintain its resistance and beauty intact, while ensuring attention to details and a high chromatic and aesthetic value. Nuvolato Architop® gives character to minimalist houses, industrial-style lofts, commercial, public and exhibition areas, both indoor and outdoor. Thanks to its great adherence and high robustness it is also recommended to restore industrial and commercial floors and for all areas subjected to high traffic. On top of that, Nuvolato Architop® is resistant to atmospheric and chemical agents, abrasion and frost. Nuvolato Architop® allows for a high level of customization, as it comes in 29 different nuances with the typical cloud-effect given by troweled concrete.

Ideal Work floors for the outdoor. The right solution that lasts in time

Ideal Work allows to find the right solution for your outdoor spaces with no restrains concerning thickness or weight, applying the most preferred materials which endurance over time is guaranteed. Within the company catalog it is possible to find Rasico, a cement-based decorative coating for outdoor areas. It is a highly resistant product that can be laid with a spatula on new or existing substrates. Rasico offers an original design with the typical spatula finish and custom-made colors and textures. Furthermore, it is quickly ready to be used and able to add depth and movement. It is ideal for refurbishment works, for terraces and balconies. Sassoitalia® is a concrete continuous floor, recalling the strong Italian tradition of washed pebbles, ideal for pathways, sidewalks, private houses, public buildings and squares that can also be used for renovating existing floors. The final smoothing of the surface is obtained through the Venetian floor effect, washing the internal spaces with an exclusive, refined touch. ... More ... less




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