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The IDEAS Group counts on 32 years of experience in the furniture and interior decoration sector. In 1981 we started our activity in the Spanish market by means of our own line of textile products for bedrooms, supplying a service of integral decoration “a la carte” exclusively for furniture shops. Because of the success got them with this service and with the intention to enlarge our offer, we have been incorporating little by little several lines of furniture for different sectors of the house, from Italian companies. Once we consolidated our presence in the Spanish market by means of a net of agents covering all the country, we started an international process appointing two agents in Portugal to manage the promotion and sale of our products.

Subsequently, from November 1989 we intensified the internationalization process developing an ambitious plan focused forwards the American market. First it was formed a net of agents to cover the main zones of the United States of America which were managed from our headquarters in Barcelona. Then after one year we opened our trade mission in that country founding our company IDEAS USA Inc., inaugurating our professional showroom in Miami. We also contracted an exclusive space in the main building of the Fair at High Point (North Carolina) with two events per year, becoming our permanent showroom for the professional people of the sector located in the Northeast area of the United States.

We have strengthened with this structure our commercial presence mainly in USA market, enlarging it afterwards to Canada, Mexico, Caribbean area, keeping also sporadic commercial relations with clients located in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Central America. During our course of development, we have taken part in repeated occasions in international Fairs of furniture and decoration in Spain and abroad, presenting our lines of Italian furniture in these markets. We have also developed annual advertising campaigns in magazines specialized in the sector, such as “Nuevo Estilo” or “Casa Viva” in Spain and “Metropolitan Home” or “Florida Design” in USA. At present, we go on commercializing our lines of modern furniture both for indoors and outdoors, because of our commercial and/ or industrial agreements with Italian companies of world-wide prestige.


Our commercial organization has been promoting and commercializing Italian furniture for different sectors of the house for 3 decodes, under the following premises: originality in the designs, quality of the materials and service. The smart and innovative design of our products is the result of the participation of professionals of design and architects specialized in it, whose creativity can be seen represented in the shapes and functionality these two characteristics can never be given up in the concept Made in Italy.

The quality is the consequence of our incessant search against the products that form our offer are manufactured with materials of first rate and officially approved according to current guidelines of the CEE to guarantee optimal performance qualities to the final consumer. The service is an essential aim for those who make up our organization. We know the complexities that involve the sale to consumers and the great competitiveness in the market. It is for this why we do our best to offer a professional attention, promptly as each case requires, both from our office located in Barcelona and by means of our respective commercial zone agents that make up our national and international sales team in those countries where we deal. The conjunction of these 3 elements has let us get prestige in the market which satisfy us and encourage to continue the management philosophy which we decided to put into practice. ... More ... less

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