Il Giardino di Legno

TORINO / Italy

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Il Giardino di Legno is a seamless combination of many different abilities. We believe that business cleverness must not follow a cold and abstract logic, but aim at establishing relationships based on responsibility and counting on the commitment and collaboration of all the actors involved. Our internal R&D department constantly experiments with innovative materials, finishes and techniques in order to always be one step ahead of market demands.

Our qualified team aims at designing while maintaining the right balance between practical constraints and customer needs, thanks to the most advanced design software. Every project is customized and based on up-to-date technological solutions, and contributes to the constant innovation of our products and processes. Besides creating production models, we try our best to collaborate with our customers and solve any possible planning problem thanks to our experience in the field, our knowledge of the best suited materials and our ability to think of new solutions for specific problems.

The first fundamental steps in every project are: understanding the needs of each customer, determining the feasibility of the project, defining a price offer and verifying production costs. Our sales department guarantees the utmost preparation and knowledge when it comes to finding cutting-edge solutions for developing outdoor furnishing projects. ... More ... less

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