Leiria / Portugal

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INPPUT is a contemporary furniture, lighting and accessory design brand, that combines handmade and industrial design with the functional and aesthetic principles of generative and parametric design. More than just creating design objects for its own ends, the brand's main goal is to explore the entire conceptual process, from matter to materialization. From input to output.

INPPUT is of a decidedly experimental nature, with a strong functional component, allied to a high standard of aesthetics, and with the intention of adding new inputs to contemporary design.


INPPUT affirms itself as on experimental brand, where the creative and productive processes are part of the DNA that defines it. Design is(in)process. This first collection showcases how various materials con work in symbiosis with different production techniques, from the more traditional to the most technological. We work strategically with local industries with the purpose of making the most of the know-how gathered by master craftsmen over the years, and simultaneously melding this ancestral knowledge with the most recent technological production processes.

The design hos been thought out in a rational multifactorial and dynamic manner. From form to "form follows experience", the object's subjectivity, both in its essence and its use, is explored in detail. More than just designing objects, we plan sensory experiences on all their fullness. All of our products are proudly made in Portugal. ... More ... less


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