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The American brand, Interface, ranks among the world's leading manufacturers of modular commercial flooring, primarily carpet tiles and high-end vinyl flooring. The company was founded in 1973 in LaGrange, Georgia, by visionary entrepreneur Ray C. Anderson. He decided to produce the loose lay carpet tiles he had seen on a trip to Europe. Anderson realised that the system would be ideal for the American market, especially for open-plan offices, where flat-cable electrical distribution systems were becoming widespread. The loose lay carpet squares proved to be a functional and versatile system, providing easy cable access and rapid installation. With innovations like GlasBac® backing, which set the industry standard for performance, and Intersept®, a unique patented preservative, carpet tiles were technically adequate but aesthetically limited. Things changed with the introduction of tufted loop carpets, featuring a soft, velvety loop pile. Interface continues to grow, confirming its propensity for innovation and its focus on design and total sustainability. The Interface Design Studio provides custom services to clients, while the R&D department studies solutions to achieve the ambitious Mission Zero® goal of a negative carbon footprint.

Interface carpet tiles. High design, great performance

Interface carpet tiles combine modern and attractive design with high performance. The different backing types offer various options, all patented and manufactured with recycled materials. The new CQuest™ and CQuest™BioX backings have a base in biopolymers and recycled fibres, while the Sound Choice™ backings in recycled felt provide first-rate sound absorption. ReadyBac™ is designed for wet environments and offers excellent mould resistance, while the reinforced Graphlar®/Graphlex® backings offer superior stability. The patented TacTiles® glueless installation system allows quick and clean installation. In addition to the performance of the substrates, Interface pays special attention to the fibres, which must withstand wear and tear from foot traffic, UV rays and aggressive washing. Fibre dyeing and integrated stain resistance technology ensure long colour durability. The carpet tiles are available in square and plank formats, in 4 different sizes. The Suite Serenity collection, designed for high-end hospitality facilities, complement the catalogue's LTV tiles. The i2 range is suitable for all contexts, from offices to shops to residential. The line imitates the beauty of nature, with variations in pattern, colour and texture from tile to tile. Installation is even more rapid because the tiles have no order or orientation. The i2 range includes: the Composure collection, featuring chalky pastel colours alternating with vibrant hues; Moss in Stone, which reproduces a stone floor with grassy joints; and Ice Breaker, inspired by icy surfaces.

Interface LVT floors, modular and resilient

The Interface catalogue offers a vast and variegated choice of high-performance modular LVT floors. LVT is an acronym for Luxury Vinyl Tile or high-end vinyl tiles. Interface's LVT floors contain a minimum of 25% recycled content and are 100% recyclable. They are free from heavy metals, formaldehyde and other chemical compounds and are certified by influential public health bodies for their low content of volatile organic compounds. The offer includes two series with different tile thicknesses. The Criterion range has a thickness of 3mm and a surface coated with the Ceramor™ finish of ceramic microspheres that guarantees a long-lasting floor covering. Criterion is available in the Classic collection and the more economic Steady Stride. The Criterion Classic collection is designed for medical contexts thanks to its high resistance to static loads. Two finishes are available for both collections - Woodgrains is a parquet-like flooring, and Concretes has a cement effect. The top-of-the-line LTV flooring is the 4.5 mm Sound Choice™ collection, which offers superior durability and sound absorption. The tile consists of a sandwich of two outer vinyl layers and an inner glass fibre layer, which provides stability and flexibility. The finish on the walkable side features Ceramor™ protective film. The collection is available in strips and squares in 8 different patterns, from the stone effect of Natural Stone and Texture Stone to the geometric patterns of Walk About, to the seeded Walk the Aisle and Walk On By. The strips come in the wood-effect finishes Natural Woodgrains and Textured Woodgrains; the colourful Studio Set, available in 12 shades; and the geometric Drawn Lines. ... More ... less

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