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Internorm is an Austrian company specializing in the production and distribution of windows and doors. Founded in the first half of the last century, the company has always been run by the Klinger family. Internorm's windows and doors are characterized by careful design, technological innovation and high quality. According to its manifesto, the company pays particular attention to environmental sustainability in selecting its raw materials. Internorm's products are totally Made in Austria in three factories in Traun, Sarleinsbach and Lannach. Today, more than half of Internorm's turnover comes from international exports. The brand has 1,250 sales outlets in 21 European countries.

Internorm: windows, doors and entrance doors

Internorm offers a wide range of products for windows and facades. The company develops and markets PVC, PVC/aluminum and wood/aluminum windows and produces doors, entrance doors, shutters, and insect screens. The company's success is built on the corporate values handed down from generation to generation over almost a century of activity. The family plays a central role in the Internorm philosophy, accompanied by constant technological R&D and the development of new aesthetic and design solutions. According to the company, more than 24 million Internorm windows and doors have been manufactured to date. Production is managed through a network of collaborations formed by more than 1,300 partner companies in 21 countries worldwide. The Internorm product lines are Studio, Home Pure, Home Soft, and Ambiente.
In 2012, Internorm launched a series of new commercial products that integrate mobile technology with home automation. Among the innovative frames in the [ I-tec lin]e are locking systems with invisible assembly and ventilation devices integrated into windows and shading technologies that, in addition to ensuring higher energy standards, can be managed remotely or locally via smartphone or tablet with software specifically designed for the intelligent control of building components.

The history of Internorm windows and doors

Internorm's story began in 1931 when the company's founder, Eduard Klinger Sr., opened the first single-person building workshop in Linz, Austria. In just a few years, the workshop was transformed into a medium-sized factory specializing in metal frames. The year 1963 marked the company's turning point. The founder's pioneering spirit and innovative capacity allowed the brand to obtain the first license in Austria for the production of PVC windows, starting a phase of intense expansion that continued into the following decades.
In 1966, the Internorm brand was officially created and production moved to Traun, which later specialized in the production of windows and doors. The following year, the second generation of the Klinger family joined the company. In the 1970s and 80s, the company opened its second and third factories in Sarleinsbach and Lannach in northern Austria. In the meantime, the brand consolidated its national leadership. In the late 1990s, the second generation passed the baton to the third, but the brand remained under the historic Klinger family's leadership. Soon, Internorm reached the milestone of 10 million articles sold worldwide. The company has been part of the International Windows Network (IFN) group since 2002. Today the group has just under 3,000 employees (of which 1,850 working only for Internorm). It includes several independent companies that collaborate to imagine new designs and technical solutions for windows and doors, especially PVC / aluminum windows. ... More ... less

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