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Irsap is an important brand in the production of decorative radiators, which provide an answer to the thermal needs of the home, as well as to the aesthetic ones, thanks to shapes and colors that integrate in any kind of environment. The Italian company has a history of over 50 years behind it, during which it has not stopped doing research and bringing innovation to the reference sector: Irsap is famous for being the first company to propose the design radiator in Italy, contributing to the diffusion of the idea that the heating element can be at the same time a decorative element, characterized by shape, colors and dimensions different from what was conceived before that moment. Irsap has been able to innovate its technology year after year, responding to the needs of designers who now install the most modern low-temperature systems in rooms: design radiators are created to have an excellent level of thermal efficiency and high caloric yields. Collaboration with design studios and universities also makes it possible to carry out continuous research in the field of design, anticipating new furnishing trends, thanks to radiator-objects that become protagonists of the environment or take on multiple functions, without naturally losing their original heating function. The proposed range is periodically enriched, as well as the color chart: currently over 500,000 different combinations are available, which allow to satisfy the taste and technical needs of any customer.

Irsap, design and decorative radiators

The Tesi collection reinterprets the traditional radiator, the one that has furnished our homes since the Seventies: Irsap, however, makes it always up-to-date, thanks to the different finishes, from smooth, polished, shiny to velvety matt, to the material of gold, silver and platinum. The special soft touch finish is then the one that transforms the surface of the steel, making it soft and rubberized. Arpa is instead a collection of design radiators inspired by the stringed instrument of the same name, with parallel tubes and chrome finishes: it is possible to choose between models to be installed horizontally or vertically and among several sizes. Step is a range designed by Antonio Citterio and Sergio Brioschi, designed for all environments, with chrome finishes and completely concealed wall connections, so as to become a real furnishing element. Irsap towel warmers and design radiators play a leading role in the environment. An example is given by the Orimono model, available in the hydraulic and electric version, draws inspiration from Japan and already has its peculiar characteristic in its name: Orimono in Japanese means fabric and the thermo-furnishing has in fact a new fabric covering that goes well with its heating function. A more minimalist model is that of Sequenze, characterized by an essential shape that does not, however, affect its thermal function. Quadracqua, on the other hand, is the perfect result for those looking for a design radiator that goes beyond the towel warmer: equipped with shelves, it becomes a container, thus giving the possibility of an unusual solution to the optimization of space, which lends itself perfectly to use in the bathroom, as well as in the living or sleeping area.

Heating and Controlled Mechanical Ventilation Systems

Just to keep pace with the needs that designers face today in the case of new buildings or renovations with high energy efficiency class, Irsap has designed the Easyclima system, which integrates the functions of summer air conditioning, heating and air renewal in a single ducted air system. The thermal energy of the extracted air is recovered using Irsap high efficiency heat recuperators (over 90%) allowing the filtration of fresh air with F7 filters, also available with Air'Suite antibacterial treatment. The indispensable element of the mechanical forced ventilation system is the central ventilation and heat recovery unit, which takes fresh air from the outside and distributes it in the various rooms, through suitable inlet terminals designed and positioned to immediately create an effective mixing with the indoor air. Air flows are induced in rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms, where air extraction creates a depression that prevents the migration of odors and pollutants inside the apartment. The hot extracted air is crossed with the outside air and filtered, thus avoiding allergy problems and at the same time keeping the air distribution systems clean. The system guarantees low energy consumption and high air quality. ... More ... less

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