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ISOLPACK S.p.A. is the leader Group of some industrial and trading firms mostly operating on several fields like metallic building industry, pre-fabricated building industry, highway, railway and industrial sound absorption and connected technologies. Its global proceeds of sales during the year 2010 has exceeded the threshold of two hundred millions of Euro, employing directly over three hundred people. ISOLPACK S.p.A. has been accompanying for 60 years the development of the industrialized building all over the world with a wide range of modular metallic components - corrugated metal sheets and pre-insulated metallic panels employing polyurethan and/or mineral fibre - integrated by complete accessories. To the several requests of the market, ISOLPACK S.p.A. answers with products characterized by advanced design and versatility. They’ve been conceived to meet design engineers’ and building contractors’ requirements. The quality offered by ISOLPACK S.p.A. doesn’t stop off to the product, but is consolidated through an efficient and qualified service. The Engineering Division of the company has, infact, the duty of following the customer in the building process during all its phases, from the project to the installation. The company technicians offer their professional advice to supply design engineers and building contractors with precise indications on the choice of different items, on the transport, the assembly and to solve all kinds of problems with an expertise coming from decades of experience. The remarkable international prestige conquered by ISOLPACK S.p.A. with its products is consolidated by high investements in the sector of research and quality control. Quality of the products, Technology and Service: here is ISOLPACK’s strategy to face the future of a building sector that continuously and quickly evolves. ... More ... less

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