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Italamp since 1975 has set the goal of designing and developing high quality lighting, adapting itself to transformations and responding to the most variable needs. The Italamp' lamps and creations are not just simple light objects, but real pieces of art that stand out for their elegance and their unique style and which have made the company an internationally recognized icon of the Made in Italy craftsmanship. Italamp stands out for the quality of the materials used and for the designof its products, thanks to the experience achieved after almost five decades in the glass and crystal processing and reinvented in new guises and functions, always seeking the utmost in elegance and preciousness. The production of each single piece begins and ends with a manual manufacturing process that encompasses originality and passion. In craftsmanship, even imperfection becomes a source of beauty and value. The attention to detail, together in search for harmony and love for quality, give rise to the philosophy of Italamp.

Italamp collections: Incanto and Opera

Through the ability to blend simplicity and sophistication, the essence of Italamp is available in two main collections: Incanto and Opera. Incanto, born from the collaboration of leading figures and emerging artists in the Design scenario, is based on a modern and contemporary style, emphasized by the infinite opportunities that glass can offer. Opera, tells 50 years of Italamp history and represents a journey into the philosophy and the most classic nuances of lighting, a concrete expression of a timeless Italian style. Italamp is able to offer consultancy in the design of custom items, combining modern industrial philosophy with different needs. From the customization of catalogue products to the most complex solutions required by the contract sector, Italamp offers assistance from the initial design to delivery and eventual installation, constantly searching for alternative materials and technological solutions that allow to optimize production processes and to offer state-of-the-art products. ... More ... less

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