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IWISHYOU is an idea by the businessman Dario Roselli, founder of Affreschi & Affreschi which is an artisan company that has stood out since the beginning for its vocation for high decoration and that has contributed to writing the story of Made in Italy, thanks to the creation of a flexible wall. This product has made the company famous all over the world in the wallpaper field and today, declined in a truly original way, it faces a new challange: air freshener dispenser.

IWISHYOU: when the home fragrance becomes object of design

Elegant home fragrances enclosed in precious boxes: IWISHYOU starts from the reinterpretation of luxury packaging. The covers become wonderful paintings to be hung and to be collected. Designs have been created by world-renowned artists and designers. The materials used to envelop the box and the fragrance make the experience more exciting.
The cooperation between IWISHYOU and the Designers was born thanks to the innovative and sustainable project because, beside the beauty and the elegance of the products, they can be reused. This element was very much appreciated from the beginning, being the operators of the sector more and more sensitive to this topic.
Thanks to the experience of those that have been creating the new trends of home living for years, Iwishyou places itself in the category of luxury furniture accessories, highlighted by the craftsmanship skills of the manufacturing company, by the high level of the materials used and by the meticulous care in detail.

The materials

Natural elements such as Carrara marble, gypsum and roman travertine are the main characters in a mixture of materials with long Italian tradition. The result is a natural materic surface which evokes that of ancient frescoes and which from one side enhances the aesthetic of unique pieces of furniture and from the other side gives a refined identity to the space.

IWISHYOU is a sensorial path

The element of surprise begins when you take off the box from its shopper bag and it slowly reveals the design chosen for your home by the person who gave you the present. With a look of wonder you ask yourself, intrigued, about the content of the package. When you open the box, you find the home fragrance combined with the cover in all its beauty. You divide your attention between the cover and the home fragrance since from the beginning you feel like having two gifts in one, real objects of design. IWISHYOU is a mix of emotions you live every time you smell in the air the scent of each home perfume.

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