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Jacuzzi® is anywhere known as the synonym of “hydromassage bathtub”. It is the brand that made hydromassage something more than just an accessory for a bathtub, turning it into a real wellness experience. Today the brand counts over 300 original patents, for the house domain, SPAs, sport and wellness centers. The company products derive from the classic hydromassage, that at its start consisted of an equipment that could be easily used at home in the bathtub and that generated a delightful triumph of massaging bubbles. Since then the technology has undergone tremendous progresses and the company has manufactured top-notch products ideal for the home, hospitality, indoor and outdoor areas. Among the patents there also are special equipment aimed for sport centers or SPAs. All products by Jacuzzi® are thought to be used even on a daily basis with no concern and extreme ease, thanks to their very intuitive controls.
In Jacuzzi® wellness is the fulcrum around which everything gravitates. Water is the coadjuvant allowing to find it back every day, precisely by using the products designed and distributed by this company. The building block is hydrotherapy that uses water as the element that awakens the natural mechanisms for the body self-recovery, no matter at what age.

Jacuzzi: hydromassage bathtubs and multi-functional showers

All structures by Jacuzzi® are tested and ideal in responding to the needs of modern lifestyles and, most important, always exceed the expectations of their commissioners, here included the most demanding and attentive athletes. In the specific, the real and original product that has become popular all over the world, Jacuzzi® hydromassage was born from the combination of water, heat and air. It contributes to lift the muscles tension often originating from stress or wrong postures and elicits the recovery processes for diverse psycho-physical illnesses
The SPA Jacuzzi® Line includes hydromassage bathtub for the indoor and outdoor, that can be used also by more people at the same time, thanks to the generous size. It is characterized by a high-level technology and cutting-edge design where attention is paid even to the smallest detail. A sheer toolkit for the day-to-day wellness and relaxation, produced with a low environmental impact and enabling to save more electricity and water compared to the older models.
These outdoor bathtubs can be used at home or in public and private buildings such as wellness centers, B&B, hotels, beauty centers, etc. The range by Jacuzzi encompasses hydromassages bathtubs that can be used by a minimum of two people until more than six. The inside part has been designed in a way for each user to feel comfortable enough to enjoy the water massage at full. Jacuzzi® water jets positioning as well as their conformation is not random either. They are in fact the outcome of researches and principles that aim at granting maximum relaxation and benefits. The SPA array is completed by the intuitive and easy-to-use controls for the lights and intensity of the water jet.
Jacuzzi® Bathroom Line includes a whole series of products not aimed for professional use, but perfect for the domestic environment and always centered on wellness and relaxation. Bathtubs with or without hydromassage, combined elements for the shower and tub, showers with hydromassage and a number of accessories and complements ranging from shower overheads, to shower panels. These are fully equipped elements designed to grant the maximum level of comfort even in the tiniest space with functional, compact and top quality shower cabins and fixtures.

Jacuzzi for sports and wellness

As the company motto goes, Jacuzzi® gives form to wellness. The Wellness section is the materialization of luxury, the quintessence of wellness and sophistication. This line encompasses real hammam cabins, showers and saunas hydromassage tubs combined with several accessories. Some models of sauna are based on an infrared technology; the overhead showers combine the power of water with the lights, according to the principles of chromotherapy; the hydromassage nozzles recall the therapeutic maneuvers of the Shatsu massage. These are but some peculiarities of the Wellness Jacuzzi® products, conceived and constantly improved to give their best to anyone who is willing to recreate a nook of pure delight for themselves.
The Swim SPA collection features a series of bathtub of average size that can be considered a great alternative to the bulkier and more expensive swimming pools, which are also not always easy to maintain throughout the year. Swim SPAs are easy to install and do not require any set-up cost. Even costs related to management and maintenance are significantly lower compared to a normal swimming pool, though they offer exactly the same advantages. Some models can be up to 8-10 m long, allowing for moderate swims which are very useful in case of rehabilitative therapies that include swimming. Some top models also feature two comfy seats. Swim SPAs can be installed indoor but also outdoor thanks to the Thermalax™ thermal insulating system.
Plenty of professional swimmers and many other athletes have tested the company products firsthand and have chosen some of them to improve their physical and mental shape at home or in spas, hotels and wellness centers. ... More ... less

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