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Jannelli&Volpi is a wallpaper company that celebrated its sixtieth birthday in 2021. It all started on May 13, 1961, when Oreste Jannelli, assigned to colouring wallpaper backing, decided to start his own company, taking advantage of the great success of wallpaper, at the time considered an indispensable furnishing element, especially in middle-class homes. In the 1970s, Jannelly&Volpi opened its headquarters, designed by the architect Paramatti, in Via Melzo 7 in Milan, where the JVstore was located in 2006, later moving to Corso Garibaldi. The factory has been located in Tribiano in the Milan Parco Sud since 2014. The futuristic plant was designed to combine innovation and creativity in twenty-three thousand square metres, where 16,500 kilos of wallpaper rolls are produced daily. Today Jannelli&Volpi is run by Oreste's children, Mauro Jannelli (CEO), Paola Jannelli (CreativeLab and Communications Manager) and Lidia Jannelli (CFO), who continue the tradition of the successful and exclusive Made-in-Italy brand. Jannelli&Volpi employs almost one hundred and fifty people and has a turnover of over €30 million - with an export share of 90% - distributed among its various brands: Jannelli&Volpi Italia; JV Italian design for the high-end international market and contract; Sirpi Wallcovering; J Wall for marketing a unique vinyl product; Co.De, an innovative product designed specifically for contract use. These are joined by licensed brands Armani/Casa Exclusive Wallcoverings Collection, MissoniHome Wallcoverings and JV Licence Design, which includes collaborations with iconic designers and artists.

Jannelli&Volpi, wallcovering tradition and technology

Jannelli&Volpi maintains its 60-year heritage but looks to the future. The first loom bearing the date 1930 but using technology dating to the middle of the previous century can still be found at the company’s headquarters. The company's commitment to producing the lowest possible environmental impact is expressed in such choices as the exclusive use of water-based inks and paper reels from certified paper mills and sustainably managed supply chains; the installation of an autonomous energy recovery network; the promotion of projects like Greenwall, developed in collaboration with Polygreen, which transforms vinyl processing waste into a material that can be used as a base and filler for Fifa and Figc approved synthetic football pitches; over one hundred of these are produced annually, using between eighty and one hundred tonnes of polymer granules. In 2019, for the first time, Jannelli&Volpi took part in the Salone del Mobile with a large stand co-designed by Matteo Ragni and Paola Jannelli. At the event, the company presented a new brand, CO.DE Contemporary Design by Jannelli project. The brand targets the contract world and professionals, offering technologically innovative wall coverings in a wide variety of materials and patterns. All the products in the Co.De collection, including precious natural fibres like silk, raffia and linen, can be treated with special finishes for use in public or high humidity environments.
A future-oriented vision lies at the heart of the JVstudio in Via Statuto in Milan, and the JVstore in Corso Garibaldi. The two spaces are dedicated, respectively, to professionals and the public. They offer clients the company's long-standing expertise in the wallcoverings and furnishing fabrics sectors. Jannelli&Volpi also introduced digital consultancy so that customers can immediately view products in virtual reality. In addition to new products and well-established collections, the JVstore hosts a new line of objects and furnishing accessories made with wallpapers and production waste, JV Edition, of which the brand is publisher. Jannelli&Volpi's new releases also include the latest Sirpi collections, which, in addition to Altagamma Home 03 and the seventh edition of Italian Silk, are enriched by a new family of classic wallpapers. Italian Velour, inspired by the interiors of historic buildings, sports a unique texture thanks to the flocking technique that creates textile effects and allows the paper to reflect light. The JV Italian Design brand looks to oriental traditions and Japanese iconography in its JV451 Yumiko wallpapers representing scenes of life and natural landscapes on backgrounds created with coloured brushstrokes in a chromatic balance between the intense red and orange of dawn and the blue of the ocean with shades of grey and beige. This oriental feel is counterbalanced by JWall Paraìso from the JWall line of wallpapers inspired by Mexican and South American landscapes and Mayan and Aztec geometric and symbolic decorations.

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