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Fossombrone / Italy

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Karman produces indoor and outdoor lighting. The Italian brand's identity is based on two fundamental pillars: design characterized by the Made in Italy style and a taste for innovation typical of a company with a marked appeal on the international market. Entrepreneur Davide Diamantini founded Karman in Fossombrone in the heart of the Marche region. Karman productions are distinguished by an outside-the-box style strongly influenced by the decorative arts; they can be combined in multiple ways to create different forms and solutions. Characteristic features of the brand are its distinctive inclination to adopt unconventional approaches and a personal and unique way of looking at the world of lighting. Karman collections are the results of experiments that foster dialogue among a range of viewpoints like the desire to break with the classic schemes of interior lighting, the use of top-quality materials and technical excellence. Karman produces domestic and contract fixtures for the creative lighting of restaurants, hotels, bistros, stores and lounges.

Interior and exterior lighting with an innovative and refined design

Karman produces all types of fixtures for interior lighting: ceiling and wall lamps, pendant lamps, table and floor lamps, wall lamps, sconces and spotlights. The company has also developed specific track systems, proposing practical and creative solutions for various contexts and locations. The Marche brand focuses intensely on the conceptual phase of design with a view to creative storytelling through light so that every space can be characterized and narrated in relation to the content it intends to convey and the identity it embodies. Karman collections and projects are made for the home and commercial markets, with particular attention on the retail and luxury catering sector; and also offer a series of sconces and wall lamps with unmistakable character. Ideal for personalizing and decorating, its seductive play of form and light fit indoor or outdoor uses and domestic or commercial contexts. A very particular example is the "zoological" wall lamp designed by Matteo Ugolini inspired by the animal world with an irreverent and ironic approach typical of the Karman style that seeks to amaze, excite and make people dream; Ugo Rilla, Cubano, Aprile, Ti.Vedo are just some products expressing this point of view. Karman creations include whimsical floor lamps that are chic and out of the ordinary at the same time, as well as spotlights and ornaments for outdoor lighting. All Karman collections adhere to a canon of aesthetic coherence with an unconventional bent, that surprise and capture attention, carrying on a brand identity marked by formal finesse and technical skill.

Karman: Made in Italy quality for domestic and retail spaces

The Karman brand was founded in 2005 in Fossombrone in the Pesaro-Urbino province. Since its birth, the brand has demonstrated an outside-the-box approach, both in the way it conceives "art design" for the creation of indoor and outdoor lighting systems and in the way it has chosen to narrate the brand itself, developing unique and distinctive communications campaigns.
Light, as stated in the company mission, has been the source of inspiration ever since Karman created its first products. Light plays a dual role as a functional spatial component and as a narrative element that can develop divergent and innovative projects and designs. The aesthetics of the brand, which seeks to reinforce its Made in Italy roots internationally, seeks a balance between tradition, an essential feature of Italian design, and innovation, often pushed beyond all limits, to create new ways of thinking about the decorative use of light. Over the years, Karman has made its way into the design world, appearing regularly in numerous Italian and international events.
During its relatively young history, Karman has worked and collaborated with some of the most established designers in the furniture sector. Among the most prominent names are Matteo Ugolini, Edmondo Testaguzza, Paola Navone, Giorgio Biscaro, Stefano Bizzarri & Claudio Cinti, Luca De Bona & Dario De Meo, Baldassarri e Baldassarri, Sotirios Papadopoulos & Giovanna Colapristi, Laura Alesi & Silvia Braconi.

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