Barcelos / Portugal

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Born in the 90's, Albino Miranda, Ltd. is a company dedicated to the design and production of furniture. Working initially with stone in the creation of sculptures, the company eventually evolved to the production of unique furniture, working mainly with exotic wood and custom finishes, making itself known through the "Gestos" brand. In 2009 the company takes on a new challenge with the creation of a new furniture brand using fiberglass "Karpa", designed for indoor and outdoor, which consists of versatile and sophisticated offers. Since 2014 and for strategic reasons, the company decided to dedicate to "Karpa" all the products whose purpose was the high decoration, a very unique, detailed and luxurious product, with the aim to promote the brand as something special. On the other side, "Gestos" kept all the product not intended to a high level of decoration, but to a target that would prefer something more simple and elegant for their space. ... More ... less

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