Kasthall has made history in Swedish and European textiles, designing and producing hand-woven and hand-made carpets since 1889. From its headquarters in Kinna, Kasthall has been making carpets that grace a wide range of contexts, from private homes to the most luxurious buildings. Kasthall's tapestries adorn homes, offices, boutiques, hotels, businesses, and noble residences, like the Swedish royal family's castle, with rooms enriched by Kasthall collections. Today, as in the past, this timeless and enduring business garners the admiration and interest of global markets. Producing aesthetically pleasing [hhttps://www.archiproducts.com/en/kasthall/products/categories_rugs carpets] is not Kasthall's only goal. The Swedish company wants to offer environmentally friendly creations with a soul, choosing materials with the utmost care. In addition to aesthetics, the company takes into account factors such as resistance and low environmental impact. Fully compliant with ISO 14001 standards, the company is committed to improving its production processes to create sustainable carpets and rugs. One of Kasthall’s secrets is direct manufacturing; the company controls every step of the process, from choosing materials to testing the finished product. Designers work side by side with the company in a supply chain that involves minimal use of machines. The key to the brand's carpets is the human factor, sensibilities and attention to detail. Kasthall quality stems precisely from this evocative blend of new industrial methods and traditional production techniques.

Kasthall products: rugs, finishes, decorative elements

Kasthall commercial offerings consist mainly of rigorously hand-made rugs. The quality of the production is recognized internationally and appreciated by end customers and experts, which is precisely why the company was awarded the Wallpaper Design Award for the Ängsmark rug designed by Ilse Crawford. The London-based designer also lent her name to the Swedish brand on other occasions, as in Glänta, a hand-woven rectangular rug in thick chenille yarn. The surface is smooth, shiny and soft, its irregularities generating striking plays of light. The encounter between Kasthall and another British designer, Lara Bohinc, brought to life rectangular and long pile carpets; West Of The Sun is an original contribution to the From the Sun to the Moon collection in pure wool. With their precise chromatic choices, the rugs tell a story and allow users to embark on a journey among circular shapes, linen fringes and thick black outlines. The same product line also includes the square East of the Moon cushion, which combines different wools and yarns to create brightly coloured geometric patterns.
Every Kasthall creation sends a message with an underlying theme. Tweed by Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg is a geometrically patterned linen rug that completely transforms the look of any room with its distinctive aesthetics. Again, the Swedish designer collaborated with Kasthall to create Arkad, a rectangular rug whose geometric patterns give a sense of order and precision. The more daring Strandvägen is a wool and polyamide carpet with a classic look, thanks to its dotted pattern.

Hand-woven and hand-made carpets since 1889: the history of Kasthall

The history of Kasthall began at the end of the 19th century in Kinna, a town in western Sweden with a long textile tradition. The company was the brainchild of designer Ludvig Anderson, who took advantage of electricity to manufacture carpets and curtains. Soon, the company's products began to meet the approval of the public, who appreciated the carpets’ design and quality. With the first successes came the company's prominent collaborations with designers Astrid Sampe, Ingrid Dessau and Viola Gråsten. Thanks to the choice of partners who are always attentive to innovation, the brand has sustained its founder's values over time and through continuous technological revolutions. Despite their epoch-making importance, new technologies did not alter the way Kasthall works. The company’s constant pursuit of unique design communicates messages that are always current, today as in the past. ... More ... less

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