KE Outdoor Design

Noventa di Piave / Italy

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KE Protezioni solari Srl was established in 1987 and specialises in the realisation of highly aesthetic and complex structures which offer shade in various models for commercial as well as private structures. The company designs and manufactures awnings such as arm, box, drop arm, 'cappottine' and pergola; through its Gennius division it manufactures garden structures in wood and aluminium and for the Gallery division it manufactures large covers for exteriors and special systems. The company was born as a division of Bat S.p.A. which today supports KE in the supply of accessories as well as in the sharing of experience, quality and knowledge of the products and the market and is part of a group which operates at an international level in France, Spain, Holland and the U.S.A. The strong propensity toward research and innovation, the commitment to the selection of innovative materials and the quality of the materials used united with the attention paid to their functionality, are the central most important values of the company just as the sensitivity in the design research combined with functionality confers unique characteristics on KE which are only found with difficulty in other products available on the market. KE has the merit of having developed new ways in which solar protection systems are conceived and utilised offering innovative solutions that protect from the suns rays and that allow you to enjoy the outside in absolute comfort. ... More ... less