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KEIGIO® is a high quality modular furniture brand offering sofa, shelf and lamp systems with a retro-futuristic industrial design, always adapting to any space in shape and dimension.
KEIGIO® Design was born as a personal project by the Italian designer Giovanni Bruni. In 2015 he developed his first modular structure. Then, he founded KEIGIO® and opened his interior design studio in an industrial loft in Barcelona, constantly looking for new modular solutions for different spaces. The name of the KEIGIO® brand derives from the Japanese word 形状 Keijō which means the shape of a physical object located in a space. It has been chosen by the founder due to his great passion for the country of the rising sun. Simplicity, craftsmanship and premium materials characterize Japanese design and above all, projects that present clean lines, minimalist furniture and natural elements. Our vision is to generate the instruments for everyone to become their own interior designer, creating micro-architectures easily reassemblable and adaptable to any space and need.

Concept and KEIGIO® philosophy

KEIGIO® takes up the concept of “Gamification” proposing typical game dynamics and applying them to interior design in order to enhance motivation to solve problems such as adaptation to a world in global movement where home and job may suddenly change. The modular elements, easily transportable and reassemblable, become a practical solution giving the user the freedom to create their interiors.
When KEIGIO® create products, they focus both on high quality and craftsmanship for maximum durability and also the impact they will have on the environment. KEIGIO® make sure that all the materials are traceable as well as consider the sustainability of the production processes. All furniture is modular, which means that each piece can be customized in materials, dimensions and finishes.
In tune with the world of underground art, KEIGIO®️ aims to connect with people who are curious about new concepts. KEIGIO® furniture is built manually, one piece at a time, with the classic style of artisan craft-making. KEIGIO®️ is a brand that wants to make an impact on those who love to grow by constantly questioning their surroundings and are open to be amazed. KEIGIO®️ offers an alternative to the tastes of the mainstream modular furniture market.
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