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Kerakoll Group, world leader in eco-sustainable materials for bio-building, and Piero Lissoni present Warm Collection, contemporary eco-friendly surfaces for cutting-edge interiors.

Warm Collection: the new interior design project from Kerakoll

Warm Collection is a natural development for Kerakoll as part of their experience of interior design for the home environment. Under the direction of Piero Lissoni – art director of the project – the materials, textures and colors are able to dialogue and merge into a coherent musical score generating sophisticated harmonies of colors and materials. Spaces blend together and walls vanish: the floors and the coatings, the fixtures, the furnishing accessories, the lighting and heating fixtures all become a single seamless surface.
Far from just an assemblage of individual surfaces, this is a complete project featuring innovative materials – cement, resins, handcrafted wood, micro-coatings, paints – coordinated by a warm and fascinating palette of colors.
A fresh idea for the home, one never before seen, characterized by a powerful and distinctive personality where the interiors are decorated entirely by hand in the style and taste of those who will inhabit it, creating innovative eco-friendly surfaces that possess a refined aesthetic quality and express craftsmanship at its finest.
New living spaces born from a desire to personalize the home with products that are less standardized and more relevant to new lifestyles, dynamic products featuring new technologies that enable the design of the home to be rapidly changed.
Warm Collection is a new and alternative brand, capable of revitalizing the definition of home styling.
The atmosphere of the Warm collection reflects the exclusive and sophisticated exploration of textures, finishes and colors in the unmistakable style of Piero Lissoni. An elegant pathway of colors that leads from white to black through the richness of neutral and natural tones, where each color possesses its own strong identity that is further enhanced when side-by-side with the others. But it is also a tactile and material experience: from smooth silky surfaces to those that are naturally grained and irregular. And finally it is a refined visual experience: from the mineral veining to the elegance of the imperfections of handcrafting and to the refractions of light that create a charming and elegant atmosphere of pure style.

Cement and resin for floorings and coatings

Kerakoll Design House is a complete interior design project composed of ten innovative materials ranging from cement and resin for seamless floorings and coatings such as Cementoresina, Cementoflex and Cementocrudo; to the Legno+Color parquet in the three sizes of small, medium and large; the microresina coatings – Wallcrete and Wallpaper; the decorative paints – Paint, Patina, Decor and finally the baseboard Invisibile.

Cementoresina is an innovative seamless reduced-thickness coating that proves highly versatile in design projects. Durable, lightweight, flexible, environmentally friendly and perfectly uniform, Cementoresina enables all the vertical, horizontal and curved surfaces, together with the architectural elements, to be integrated into a coordinated design. The unique texture of Cementoresina is obtained from a blend of the finest minerals selected from cement, pure white Carrara marble, quartz and naturally colored earths. The aesthetic quality that sets it apart is created by the irregularities, color veining and material fluctuations that derive exclusively from the manual processes employed. Warm to the touch, easy to clean and applied by skilled artisans, Cementoresina is ideal for the surfaces of any environment, such as walls, floors, spas, steam rooms, bathtubs and shower trays. Cementoresina can be subsequently re-honed down to the base layer and then a new texture or color applied maintaining the same degree of efficacy as the original coating. It is eco-friendly and so ideal for use in Green Building.

Made with fine materials and minerals that have been expertly mixed, Cementoflex is a real revolution in the field of seamless surfaces. The result of innovative technologies, it provides unparalleled performance. Its stability, strength and flexibility allow it to be used to create an infinite variety of surfaces. With the uniformity of the coating, the beautiful effect of polished and colored concrete reminiscent of New York lofts, it is a contemporary solution that is ideally suited to projects for multi-functional spaces in both domestic and non-domestic environments. It is eco-friendly and so ideal for use in Green Building.

Cementocrudo is a contemporary reinterpretation of the craft of Tadelakt, the traditional Moroccan plaster technique that produces those high quality finishes found in the hammams and bath houses of Marrakech. Obtained with cement, lime, natural pigments and waxes, seamless coatings made with Cementocrudo are characterized by beautiful irregularities in the coloring and distinctive effects produced by the reflections of light. Worked entirely by hand and with a final double coating of patina, the surface is smooth and velvety to the touch. Waterproof and breathable, Cementocrudo is ideal for wet areas and lends itself to the seamless coating of floors, walls, showers, wash-basin units and shelving, creating bathroom environments of great allure. It is eco-friendly and so ideal for use in Green Building.

Inspired by the authentic parquets produced by traditional craftsmanship, Legno+Color floors are made exclusively with Slavonian oak or Quercus Robur, materials with extraordinary physical and aesthetic characteristics that guarantee great stability and strength along with enhanced adaptation to changes in humidity. The unique pattern is produced by a process of hand sanding, cutting and partial planing which makes each slat unique and exclusive. With its contemporary flavor of old industrial buildings, it is available in three sizes and has been designed so the color and protection can be applied on-site using the latest microresina for parquet. The final effect is that of a seamless floor which enhances the laying pattern and the texture of each piece.

Wallcrete is an innovative microresina for seamless reduced thickness coatings that is ideal for home makeovers. The surface of Wallcrete has a strong aesthetic impact which exalts the material texture of the concrete, alternating between veined colorings, material fluctuations, between polished and mat. Easy and quick to apply, it can be used on any base. It is environmentally friendly, avoids the need for demolition and is ideal in the redesign of kitchens and bathrooms.

Wallpaper is an innovative microresina for seamless reduced thickness coatings that are ideal for re-covering existing surfaces. The strong decorative impact and the silk-like effect of the resulting surfaces are reminiscent of the refinement of wallpaper. Soft to the touch, waterproof and durable, it is suitable for any room in the house. It can be applied to any vertical support and in particular on existing ceramic tiles, so avoiding the need for demolition.

Paint is a thick paste pigmented with colored earth that is able to create surfaces that are particularly exquisite by virtue of the elegant and natural colors. It is applied by hand in different ways to create an variety of decorative effects, from fine lined textures created by the brush, to patinas that are slightly variegated by the elements in the plaster, an effect obtained by further diluting the paste and obtaining a surprising effect of natural fabric. It is eco-friendly and so ideal for use in Green Building.

Patina is a mineral finish based on pure potassium silicate. With a pronounced decorative character, it is a contemporary reworking of marmorino and venetian plaster surfaces. Applied by hand, the streaks, opacity and the natural variations of colors are suggestive of natural stone and dilapidated surfaces over which time has laid an exquisite patina. Non-toxic, breathable and easy to clean, it lends itself to be used in every room of the house, enabling the creation of surfaces of simple beauty and refined visual impact. It is eco-friendly and so ideal for use in Green Building.

Decor is an innovative water-based finish that is both decorative and protective.
It can be used to coat any surface and enhances both the texture and the material. It can be applied everywhere: doors, windows and columns but also furnishings, shelves, lights, grilles and radiators, enhancing their appearance by coordinating and integrating them with the surroundings. Silky to the touch, mat, eco-friendly with a low solvent content that respects both the environment and public health, it is particularly suited to Green Building. Because of its high resistance to scratches, water, oil, liquids and food stains, it can be used on all surfaces and in all environments, including the kitchen.

Invisibile is a baseboard that coordinates with the entire collection of Kerakoll Design House coatings. Designed to blend in with the walls while enhancing the simple and clean lines, it is distinguished by its minimalist size and form. A product of craftsmanship, it has a satin finish and is slightly variegated by the structure of the wood. Designed to achieve perfect color coordination between the wall and the floor, it always takes on the color of the vertical surface. ... More ... less

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