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KFF has been developing, producing and selling products with a highly independent design standard since 1984. What started out as experimental products has developed over 35 years into a comprehensive collection that includes a large variety of high-quality seating furniture for both living areas and commercial use.

KFF is committed to dealing with people and resources responsibly. Sustainable thinking and actions are not part of a formulated marketing strategy, but a personal endeavor of the owner Karl Friedrich Förster, which all employees and suppliers are happy to support.

The design of KFF products is pure, unobtrusive and geared towards a long service life. The design style and the choice of materials are individual and the numerous possibilities for designing the products create very personal furniture. Comfort and quality are fundamental components of KFF products. The blueprints are based both on in-house designs and on designs by established or emerging designers. However, KFF reserves the right to incorporate all experience gathered into the design of the products at any time.

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