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"THE HOME. MADE in Italy ", encloses the key concept for which KICO wants to represent in Italy and in the world a reference player in the furniture sector dedicated to the house. According to a design style, staff able to collect the promise contained in the definition "Made in Italy". Not only a house conceived according to Italian beauty and style, but above all a house made alive through quality objects, made to last in time.

Mission and Vision

People behind everything.
Kico has the center of its mission in people, first of its collaborators. The objective is to satisfy the wishes of people, whether they are collaborators or buyers or people who buy a Kico product, rewarding with this the work of the company giving a valuable asset as trust.

Transform a lifestyle into a home to live.

The vision of Kico wants to be heterogeneous and contemporary, able to observe the social evolutions and the lifestyles, thus trying to capture the instances and the signals of every where, in Italy and in the world, to respond to them in close relation with the values of the Act Daily that the company has given itself.

Our history

Italian excellences that are handed down from generation to generation.

In the early ' 60 Giuseppe Rosmawaty begins the adventure. Soon he realizes that the Made in Italy is a guarantee of success and begins the export of his creations: in a few years it becomes one of the largest exporters of modular kitchens, so much to induce an American multinational to believe in him.

The same philosophy and dedication to work lives through the KICO, founded years later by the daughter of Joseph and her husband Quinto. The Made in Italy and the quality of its products represent the two pillars on which the company creates value for its customers. The design, the quality and the service have allowed the company to reach the global markets and to affirm its idea of a beautiful house, made well and made in Italy!

Our values

In Kico The listening capacity is the fundamental value through which attention and respect of opinions have been formed.

This happens at every level of dialogue, allowing the sharing of decisions, with a consequent and high enhancement of the most important resource: the human one.

Talent and reputation

A good product comes from a good job! A good product comes from a good job!

The company's philosophy is based on simple rules:

- Create an ideal working environment;
- Integrating ideas and manpower in perfect balance;
- Give space to originality, quality and organization;
- Get high-level products.

The production and market choices are based on a solid experience in the furniture sector, matured over time and projected to achieve successes of productivity and complete customer satisfaction.
Kico, a company with a recognizable face in the heart of Italy, present on the national and international market.

Inspiration and Technology

Kico has a production pole with 17,000 square meters of surface. The Kico, modern and high efficiency plants produce just in time with innovative materials, a wide range of programs for living and sleeping areas. The technology of production plants, through the latest generation of machinery, makes it possible to achieve a high number of models in a competitive way for any budget.

Our future

Kico is the new name of a concrete reality from the present dynamic, which draws strength from the experience looks with determination to the future. At the base of business motivations, there is the awareness of being able to compete with a high rate of innovation, faithful to an ethical and aesthetic ideal that speaks in Italian. ... More ... less




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