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A high standard of tradition: For many decades KLAFS from Schwäbisch Hall has proven that, with its innovative strength and prudent corporate governance, "Made in Germany" market leadership still has a future.
The extraordinary success story of KLAFS from Schwäbisch Hall is based on the ability not only to innovatively continue to develop the topics of sauna, pool and spa for decades, but also to redefine them as market-shaping concepts.
One of the outstanding examples of the long-standing culture of innovation of the traditional company founded in Szczecin in 1928 is not only the element sauna, developed in 1952 by the company founder Erich Klafs, but also the Sauna S1, which thanks to a sophisticated zoom principle allows the sauna to be used in those living environments where there was previously no room for a sauna. And last but not least, the pillow and mat series MOLLIS, in whose design highly functional textiles specially developed for sauna operation find their way into the sauna interior.
Even if supply and demand have changed noticeably over the decades, Erich Klafs's credo remains in essence: When KLAFS is on the label, it's all about the active promotion of a healthy lifestyle. And it's always been about quality!
Spending some downtime in perfect spa areas is very popular. The more hectic the time is and the more output is demanded of us, the more precious are the moments in places where you can leave the world behind for a moment - and make it wait.
Together with well-known designers, the company continues to drive the evolution of sauna bathing in modern escapes and set standards with its beautifully designed private and commercial spa concepts. Numerous prestigious awards such as the Gold iF Product Design Award, the Red Dot Design Award or the Interior Innovation Award, but also the German Brand Award and again the PLUS X AWARD illustrate the ground-breaking innovation and design quality of the brand.
KLAFS develops its products not only according to the highest quality, longevity and aesthetics, but always along people’s needs, demands and living realities. That’s how the name KLAFS has not only became a brand appreciated worldwide, but is synonymous with a contemporary and health-oriented lifestyle.
This also entails the company's responsibility towards people, the environment and society: Participation in social production projects, the sustainable use of resources and consistent ‘made in Germany’ production make KLAFS a company for conscious consumers and a partner for entrepreneurs who also have an eye on the day after tomorrow.
From the initial conception to detailed planning, from interior design to turnkey commissioning, the KLAFS specialists take care of all individual customer requirements. Exemplary custom solutions can be found, for example, in the Dolder Grand Spa in Zurich (architect Lord Norman Foster), in the Roomers Hotel in Frankfurt (Nik Schweiger), in the Mondrian Doha (Marcel Wanders) or, most recently, in the much-acclaimed Öschberghof near Donaueschingen.
These are just a few examples of KLAFS not only being the number one for spa areas in your own four walls, but also setting standards in the commercial sector everywhere, from Doha to Donaueschingen, where people should be offered perfect moments of relaxation and regeneration. ... More ... less




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